Rotary helps local historical society

Rotary Club of 100 Mile House donates $2,500 to local historical society

100 Mile House & District Historical Society president Tom Rutledge

100 Mile House & District Historical Society president Tom Rutledge

The Rotary Club of 100 Mile House recently presented a $2,500 donation to the 100 Mile House & District Historical Society.

Society president Tom Rutledge says the money isn’t earmarked for anything specific, but it will be used for maintenance and upkeep at the 108 Heritage Site.

“It will just sit in our bank account for the winter, and then as we need it, we’ll use it for fixing fences or roads. There are always a lot of little things to fix, or maintenance equipment that needs to be purchased.”

Noting the 108 Heritage Site is the only heritage site in the province that doesn’t receive annual funding, Rutledge says his wife, Maryann, who is the site’s administration director, applies for gaming grants every year.

If they get money, it’s used to pay for hydro, water, brochures and office expenses, as well as to purchase supplies for the site.

However, it cannot be used for repairs, and they don’t count on receiving a grant.

If they are fortunate, Rutledge says the federal government gives them a grant to hire summer students at a minimum wage, but the society tries to raise the money (or get a provincial gaming grant) to top up the wages.

Local Rotary club president Maureen Pinkney notes Rotary was founded in 1901 by Paul Harris and is a worldwide organization with more than 1.3 million business, professional and community leaders in more than 200 countries and 32,000 clubs.

She says the 100 Mile club raises money to give back to the local volunteer groups for all the good things they do for the community.

“Our Second Annual Lobsterfest dinner auction was a great success, and from that, we are able to give $2,500 to the local historical society, so it can continue to manage and maintain the 108 Mile Heritage Site for all of us to enjoy and capture our local history, as well as promote tourism.

“They do a great job. I encourage people to go on their website ( and get a membership.”