Rotary Club of 100 Mile House sets the stage for entertainment

Mobile stage available for rent for community, private events

Local Rotarians Daryl Silverton

Local Rotarians Daryl Silverton

The Rotary Club of 100 Mile House provides important supports to the community, and one of these is its Rotary Stage.

Community groups and even individuals in the community at large can book the stage for their public or private events at a nominal fee.

Rotarian Stephen Pellizzari says this also includes delivery, set-up, and disassembly of the stage, which is a solid and covered platform for entertainment, speakers or group performances.

“It’s been very successful. Every year, there are more and more events that are being booked.”

Some regular events that use the stage include the Hot July Nights Car & Bike Show, South Cariboo Garlic Festival and Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life.

The Lone Butte Rocks got on board the stage last year, he adds, and it has also been used

by various visiting government ministers.

Pellizzari explains many people are still unaware they can rent the stage for private functions.

The stage roof helps shelter performers from weather, while the notably large “stage presence” helps raise awareness of the local Rotary club.

The nominal fee is too small to fund everything, he notes, so a large commercial advertising banner covers the stage when in use to help offset costs to the club to run the stage, with a number of sponsors spots.

“We’re going to be redoing our advertising this season, so we’ll be canvassing for that. If people want to advertise, we’d be happy to try to accommodate them.”

Other organizations have also helped to sponsor the Rotary Stage.

“The car dealerships in town have helped us out tremendously with providing tow vehicles for the stage, which has been great.”

Pellizzari notes local Rotarian Konrad Schmid-Meil was the “brains behind the idea” when the community stage was originally built.

“He worked hard in getting sponsorship, and the club also raised a fair bit of money. So, now we’ve got this great thing for the community.

“Our whole purpose with this is to not only raise awareness for Rotary, but also help out the community.”

For more information or to book the Rotary Stage, contact Pellizzari at 250-395-2481, or ask any local Rotary member to pass on your request.

“We’re encouraging anyone who is holding an event to give us a call.”