Recent sizzling temperatures draw people to clean, shady Canim Beach

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Nelly Baechmann

Nelly Baechmann

Dear Canimites,

The lake has been busy through the sizzling temperatures, with Canim Beach hosting families from near and far.

Folks are drawn to Canim by the clean pebbly beach, the ample shade near the water, and the no-hassle politeness of local bathers.


Trucks ahoy

A large haul from the Lorin (Airplane) and Cougar lakes area is underway.

Kelly Powell of West Fraser says 20 to 30 loads a day will be coming westwards on the South Canim Road. The company is incurring additional cost by circulating trucks back to the loading site from the mill via Highway 24 and the 8000 Road, keeping industrial traffic on the South Canim Road to one direction.

The drivers have been instructed by West Fraser to drive cautiously given the sharp corners and narrow sections of the road. Any complaints should be passed to Kelly at 250-395-8232.

Private motorists must exercise extra care as well.

According to an old hand at Mahood Lake, the only safe way to drive that road is to approach every corner as if a loaded logging truck were about to appear.

The new radio frequency RR#3 at 150.14 is now in effect on the road.


Mahood stopped calling

Residents in the Mahood Falls 393 telephone exchange lost their service for several hours due to a fire that damaged a TELUS cable in the vicinity of 143 Mile.

Cariboo Regional District Area H Director Margo Wagner and CRD chair Al Richmond were quick to act, raising a concern with TELUS.

The outage prevented calls in and out of the exchange. It has again raised the question of the adequacy of the current “land-line-only” system. Should the line be lost due to fire or mishap, emergency 9-1-1 communications are not possible.

I understand the CRD is continuing to stress with TELUS the urgency of a service upgrade. Meanwhile, it would probably be a good idea for the community to set up a system with friends “on the outside” to maintain a VHF radio connection in case the land line is lost.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.