Readers beware: computer hackers making the rounds again

Community news happening around the 108 Mile Ranch

The computer hackers are at it again.

This time it was for the Bank of Montreal wanting your number to be able to access your bank account. Unfortunately, some people still fall for this scam and it can cost people a lot of frustration and all of their life savings.

So, please be careful, delete the message and check with the financial institution of your choice for your proper banking information.

Below the Belt

Folks may have seen the blue advertisement in the 100 Mile House Free Press for Below the Belt.

If not, it is suggested that you look for this ad on page B7 in this edition, as it could be of great assistance to you and your spouse.

Many people with personal problems hesitate talking about the things that impact their lifestyle, health, and relationships.

Take the time to call one of the numbers listed on the ad and find out about the confidential support that is available.