Postal service changes imminent for residents

Community news happening around the Lac des Roches area of the South Cariboo

In 2010, Lac des Roches residents opted for post office boxes at Bridge Lake Store rather than a rural route out of Lone Butte, but that option is no longer available effective June 2012.

Mailbox users have been notified the existing outlet will be closed and that Canada Post is looking for an alternate business to contract the full-range of postal services for the Bridge Lake area.

The criteria for a dealer appears to be relatively restrictive for the type of businesses available in the area, but residents are hopeful a suitable alternative is found that provides the same security and convenience enjoyed for many years at the Bridge Lake Store.


Power interruptions

Short power outages in January are due to changing fuse links at most of the transformers.

Evidently old porcelain links will deteriorate over time and fail, so BC Hydro is upgrading them. A failed fuse link was the likely the cause of a mysterious residential power outage earlier this winter when no other cause for the tripped link was evident.

It is the fuse links near the top of the power pole that provide evidence of where a power failure has occurred. A tripped or hanging link at a transformer feeding a residence indicates no power going to the residence.

A hanging link on the mainline, or at the beginning of a rural road, is evidence that something has shorted out the line along that road. This can be valuable information to the repair crew when reporting a power outage.


Wonky weather

Updating folks on ice and snow conditions this year has been less than helpful.

With temperatures jumping from record highs to normal lows in a day, the effect on snow and ice changes rapidly. Generally, the snow conditions in the surrounding hills are good for snowmobiling although more snow is required before the more daring riders will venture into the stump-filled cut blocks.

Ice conditions are good and supporting all normal winter activities and providing pathways for sledders.

Some smaller lakes and large lake bays are loaded down with snow, which is creating deep slush as the water is forced up through cracks in the ice.  Slush on lakes is not impassible, but it’s not enjoyed by many sledders.


Abundant birds

Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) throughout North America have been well publicized in the last few weeks.

Our local naturalist group conducted its annual CBC on Dec. 17, and 10 observers counted 17 species.  Wendy Marshall of Lac des Roches will submit the detailed numbers of white-winged crossbills, common redpolls, pine grosbeaks and evening grosbeaks.

Woodpeckers, gray jays, American crows, common ravens were also counted in addition to three different chickadees — black-capped, mountain and boreal.

Red-breasted nuthatches, brown creepers, American dippers and a soaring bald eagle over Bridge Lake topped off the count and made for an excellent birding day.


Signs of spring

Several residents have commented they have noticed the squirrels around the lake exhibiting spring mating behaviour — in January.

The hope is the frolicking critters are only reacting to several mild nights and is not an indication of an early spring.

There are many residents planning to enjoy several more months of snow and ice activities.


Birthday wishes

Several residents share Jan. 20 with my mom’s birthday.

To all of you, special best wishes for that day and for the rest of the community.