Northern Pygmy-Owl by Susan Gower in the Gateway/Buffalo Creek area.

Owl fun at Christmas bird count

A rare Northern Hawk-Owl, Northern Pygmy-Owl and out-of-season Yellow-headed Blackbird were among the birds found during the newly revived 100 Mile Christmas bird count.

Birders also recorded sightings of the Northern American Dipper and Northern Pygmy-Owl as they covered a circle 24 kilometres around 100 Mile House on Dec. 17.

Different teams were assigned to different parts of the circle in an attempt to get an accurate count of bird populations.

The count, which occurred from sunrise to sunset, was the first to be held in the area in the past few years.

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Northern Shrike by Susan Gower in the Gateway/Buffalo Creek area.

A Northern Hawk-Owl is a rare find. (photo by Barry Porter)

An out-of-season Yellow-headed Blackbird (photo by Sandy Proulx).