My favourite books – Noreen Beer

Noreen Beer shares one of her favourite books - Pillars of the Earth

Noreen Beer

Noreen Beer

Name: Noreen Beer – literacy support worker/English as a second language facilitator

Most recent book: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

I enjoy historical fiction and this book brought to life the lives of the everyday tradesperson in Medieval Europe. The engineering and building of the great cathedrals at the time of such limited technology always amazes me.

Favourite childhood book: Just Mary Stories by Mary Evelyn Grannan

I remember this book and its collection of stories well. The stories always made me feel cozy and comfortable and offered a bit of mystery as well.

There was always something interesting for Maggie Muggins to explore in her neighbourhood or neighbours garden. From sitting in the garden to reading under the covers by flashlight, I read the stories many times over.

I also recall the stories being told on the CBC Radio, something that was always on in my home.