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Musical Coffeehouse session

Barbara Hansen's regular correspondence for the 100 Mile Free Press
Teresa Wager


There will be another musical Coffeehouse session on Friday, April 7. The doors at the Pioneer Center will open at 6:30 p.m. and the program starts at 7. This will be an event filled with music, fellowship, snacks and coffee. Any optional contributions collected this time will be used for the Help our Arena fund.


Crib tournament

April 8 is the date of the crib tournament being held at the Pioneer Center. The cost for this super fun time event is $10, a light lunch will be provided. At this time special thanks go out to Harold and Lorna Schmidt for their donation of 6 lb of hamburger.


Volunteer appreciation

Since there seem to be quite a few events happening on April 8, The Community Club has decided to change the date of the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to Sunday, April 23 at 5 p.m. If you have received an invitation to this event, please take note of the change of date and don't forget to RSVP.



We have been getting huge crowds at Bingo as the jackpots keep growing! The Easter Ham Bingo has been planned for April 12, with six hams up for grabs along with door prizes. The larger the crowd, the bigger payouts! It's always a fun time so see you there!


Community club

Some interesting things came up at our last Community Club Meeting:

Another furnace will be installed at the hall with new ducting. A reasonable quote was received and I am happy to report that work has already commenced. The new furnace will also service the handicap washroom being installed in the future.

An idea came up at the CRD meeting held at the Hall. It will mean an improvement to the public boat launch on McKinley Drive. Funding is available through the CRD and it has to be put forth by the Community. Since there are so few of us actually attending the club meetings, we find that we are all stretched quite thinly at this time. Is there anyone in our community who would like to oversee this project, to be our liaison person and perhaps has the knowledge to tackle this job? If you feel you have the expertise, please contact Jeanette or Larry McCrea at 250-395-1151.


Roller derby

A group has contacted us to rent the arena during the summer months. Apparently, there is a great need for another roller derby team. They're willing to put on a demo for the public, to check whether this is something the public would like to see happen in our community. Many people drive from 100 Mile and outlying areas to Williams Lake, there is a good possibility of enough members being interested to start a team here.



Best wishes and congratulations to Terry and Dot Buckoll, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 25. Both Terry and Dot have volunteered extensively since moving to the area 10 years ago and have been a great help to this community.