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Mother's Day weekend busy for fire department

Three generations met at Forest Grove Firehall for the Mother's Day breakfast to celebrate that special day with mom.

It started around 10 a.m. on May 7 when several Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department (FGVFD) members met at Hall #1 to get things ready for Sunday's Mother's Day breakfast.

There was setting up, early food preparation, order forms, and just plain old logistics to make sure the breakfast went off without burning the toast. A couple of hours later, confident that everything would come together the next day, everyone went home.

Sunday, 8 a.m., Hall #1: The FGVFD volunteers reconvened to get the Mother's Day breakfast underway. Scrambled eggs were scrambled, sausages were cooked, bread was toasted; everything came together as planned while two huge coffee urns began their Sunday morning choo-choo.

Everyone was poised at their assigned post, but where were the families with their moms on her special day? No one showed up at the appointed opening time of 10 a.m.

Then, slowly they began to trickle in; first one couple, then several more with the bulk of the guests showing up an hour after opening time.

All in all, the turnout was somewhat disappointing. It is believed that confusion about it maybe being held outside on a dreary and cool Sunday morning, plus inaccurate radio spots advertising the event may have had something to do with the lackluster celebration.

The door prize, a white wine basket, was won by Jules Jewra, a firefighter from Hall #1, and surplus food supplies were purchased by several of the volunteers.

In light of the disappointment, will they do it again? Yes they will. In fact, the FGVFD will be hosting the Father's Day annual barbecue in June at Ruth Lake. It will be outside but the weather should be smoking hot.


Back at the hall

You have read my column before where I tell you about the continual upgrading of the FGVFD staff to ensure maximum community fire safety.

Well, last weekend was proof that training is top priority.

While many Grove families were celebrating Mother's Day, FGVFD officer Margo Wagner and deputy fire chief Ken Brown were attending an upgrade in fire responder training. These two FGVFD volunteers sat in a classroom all day Saturday and Sunday working through stuff to make the First Responder Program an even greater success.

Next time you see the fire staff, give them a wave; they're there for you.


Legion yard sale


Forest Grove Legion Branch 261 president Tom Timleck announced the planned yard sale in the Legion on May 28-29th.

Anyone interested in setting up a table to present their treasures to those yard-sale treasure hunters should give Tom a call at the Legion.


Even if you don't want to set up a table, keep these dates in mind. There's always lots of good food at these sales, and the social aspect is never disappointing.