Local couple renews wedding vows for 20th anniversary

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Lac des Roches residents Dale and Mike Yeager renewed their marriage vows to celebrate their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.

Lac des Roches residents Dale and Mike Yeager renewed their marriage vows to celebrate their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.

China dishes may be the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary, but many married couples are opting to celebrate milestone anniversaries by renewing or reaffirming their marriage vows.

For her upcoming 20th anniversary, Dale Yeager got the idea to renew her marriage vows with her husband, Mike, when she saw a notice at her favourite Bed and Breakfast in Hope, which is owned and operated by an ordained minister and his wife.

Months of anticipation ended in late August when Dale and Mike, accompanied by Dale’s daughter Kerry Obermire and son-in-law Todd Obermire of Puyallup, Washington, officially renewed their marriage vows at an intimate outdoor ceremony. Following the formalities, the foursome enjoyed a salmon dinner, prepared especially for them at a popular Hope restaurant.

They are back in the Cariboo, enjoying their favourite pastimes – Dale kayaking and Mike fishing. Their “honeymoon” was a fall fishing trip, exploring lakes in the Chilcotin. Congratulations Dale and Mike on their 20 happy years together and many more to come.


Winter preparation

Since the dissolving of the Bridge Lake Bushwackers Snowmobile Club and the loss of their warming hut, snowmobilers using the Wavey Lake mountain trails have converged on Cow Camp for a reprieve from the chilly weather.

Although the old structures continue to show their age, a little annual maintenance on the cabin and grounds keeps the camp relatively hospitable for outdoor enthusiasts. The Lac des Roches cleanup crew, which has prepared the cabin for another year of winter use, suggests that visitors assist in driving out the packrats by resetting traps and keeping the area free of any garbage.


Shots fired

Every September, the sound of nearby gunshots advises residents that regular hunting season has begun.

Both Crown and private land can be hunted although there are restrictions regarding discharge near occupied buildings and highways. Since many of the nearby recreational trails are in permitted hunting areas, residents are reminded to be wary of both animals and hunters and to make their presence known in the forest.


Road hazards

Any construction project that involves removal of an old structure can be cause for concern as tires have been punctured over the years by roofing and framing nails dislodged from the beds of pickups and utility trailers heading for the landfill.

The walkers on Boultbee Road have been watching for hazards following a cabin demolition and are happy to report no debris or nails. The contractor deserves significant credit for his diligence on securing the outgoing loads of debris.


Surround sound

While the logging on the south hill has moved eastward, out of earshot, evidence of logging to the north, on 201 Road can be seen from the lake.

Like the logging in the south, the cut blocks are out of view but trees removed at the top of the mountain have altered the horizon. The logging planned in the eastern hills will be visible from several properties even though the cut blocks were altered to mitigate the visual impact from some key public viewpoints at the request of members of Friends of Lac des Roches and Birch Lake.


Wonderful wildlife

A small black bear was observed at noon in several yards on Sept. 9 and bear sightings have continued throughout the month.

One resident saw “the biggest black bear [he’s] ever seen” in his yard, so there may be several bears in the area accounting for the evidence along the entire north shore of the lake.


Meeting reminder

The Friends of Lac des Roches and Birch Lake annual general meeting is on Sept. 30 at Lac des Roches Resort, beginning at 7 p.m.