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In 2007, No charges laid in death by Siberian tiger

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35 YEARS AGO (1986): Close to $200 worth of candy was being sold at Redwood Foods every day. That estimate was conservative, according to Redwood owners John and Anita Edlund, who noted the addiction to candy was shared by both adults and children. Anita said candy purchases were most common before and after school as children bought chocolate bars, gum, pop, liquorice and especially Hershey Peanut Butter Cups. Adults, meanwhile, seemed pickier with Redwood ordering peppermint flavoured certs for one particular customer, who shunned the other flavours.

28 YEARS AGO (1993): Hopes for building a pool in 100 Mile House were dashed following a referendum. When the votes from the District of 100 Mile House and Cariboo Regional District electoral areas G, H and L were tallied, 869 people voted in favour while 1,066 were opposed. Mayor Ray Carlson said he was disappointed by the outcome which effectively killed the proposed $2.2-million South Cariboo Aquatic Centre. Carlson noted building a pool wasn’t going to get any cheaper and worried some constituents were missing the big picture.

14 YEARS AGO (2007): No charges were laid against Kim Carlton, of Bridge Lake, following the death of his girlfriend, Tania Dumstry-Soos. Her death occurred in May 2007 and involved a Siberian tiger that Carlton owned as part of his exotic animal farm. Carlton euthanized the tiger following Dumstry-Soos’ death. RCMP Sgt. Pierre LeMaitre said no charges were laid as nothing in the Criminal Code of Canada applied to a case such as this. The incident spurred the B.C. SPCA to call upon the provincial government to regulate exotic animals like tigers.

7 YEARS AGO (2014): Mitch Campsall retained his mayoral seat by a slim margin of 10 votes during the District of 100 Mile House’s local elections. Campsall won with a total of 295 votes, just beating Maureen Pinkney’s 285 votes. All the incumbent councillors including Dave Mingo, Ralph Fossum, Bill Hadden and Spence Henderson retained their seats on council. Following the election, Campsall said he appreciated the blunt honesty of 100 Mile House constituents who really let him know how they felt during his canvassing campaign.

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