Generous donations at Christmas bingo in Lac la Hache

Generous donations at Christmas bingo in Lac la Hache

Barbara Hansen’s regular correspondence for the Lac la Hache area

What a fun time we had at the Christmas Turkey bingo, a very nice crowd of 72 people were in attendance. Two memorable things happened and will put a smile on my face when I think of them! One was very special – two ladies from Clearwater made the trip to join us even though the weather was very iffy and the other was a funny ha-ha kind of thing. One of our regular players made everyone roar with laughter when she slipped off her chair and onto the floor, I guess the cushions on the seat slipped and down she went. She was not hurt at all more embarrassed than anything but the laughter just set the mood for the whole evening.

As usual, the bingo players outdid themselves and helped refill our designated box for the Christmas Hampers several times over. Two firefighters for the Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department made a special trip down to the hall to personally thank everyone for their generous donations and to pick up the items.

The volunteers are currently on winter holidays and bingo will resume on Jan. 22, see you then!


The news about the fundraiser held on Dec. 1 is awesome – a whopping $4,217 was raised! Thumbs up to the Old Timers Hockey Association for a good job done and a big thank you to all who participated and to all the volunteers.

Public skate

A free public skating session was held on Dec. 15, over twenty skaters came out to enjoy their afternoon and took advantage of the free coffee and hot chocolate being offered. This was the last public skating session for the year and will resume on Jan. 5.


The Red Crow has been offering entertainment on Saturdays evenings, karaoke! Come on out and join the fun as there are lots of great singers out there. A New Year’s Eve Party is in the works, tickets are $40 per person and can be bought at the Red Crow or by calling Cheryl Gauthier at 250-396-4742. The cost of the tickets will cover the buffet, champagne toast, karaoke and dance music.

Wranglers visit

The students at the elementary school were blessed by a visit from the Wranglers on Dec. 12 and had a lot of fun playing floor hockey with them. Another great thing that happened at the school was that the 100 Mile House Cruzers Car Club donated beautiful hats/toques to any child in need. Students will be off on their holidays from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3, keep a watchful out for them as they may be out and about playing on the roads or sliding downhills.

On a sad note, there have been more break-ins at the share shed/garbage dump. Anything that could give the desperate people some money is taken – bottles and cans, batteries and even the diesel out of the backhoe! What it boils down to is that the culprits are stealing from the students of the elementary school by taking the cans and bottles, which is part of their fundraising for the year. Shame on you!

Merry Christmas

In closing I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, the absolute best in the New Year and definitely safe travels if you are planning on a trip!