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59 YEARS AGO (1963): The Attorney-General’s office was looking for incidents of door-to-door salesmen ripping people off. After receiving a letter from the 100 Mile and District Chamber of Commerce, deputy Attorney General Dr. Gilbert D. Kennedy issued a warning not to buy from out-of-town salesmen if their bona fides could not be verified. Householders were urged to check with the Board of Trade, Better Businessmen’s Association or the police if they had any doubts.

42 YEARS AGO (1980): Power outages in the District on Dec. 24 were caused by someone looking for a Christmas tree in the wooded area behind Centennial Park, according to BC Hydro manager Gar Moorman. Hydro crews spent several hours that morning removing a 40-foot evergreen from the power line. All of 100 Mile House, as well as all the way south to 70 Mile House and east to Bridge Lake, were affected. Power was restored in the village at 9:30 a.m. but it was longer in the outlying districts. It appeared whoever cut down the tree changed their mind or was frightened off before finishing.

28 YEARS AGO (1994): Accessing government information by fax became easier, according to the Canada/BC Business Centre. The Faxback Service had 500 documents on file on a range of topics via a 24 hours, 1-800 service. The service had grown to provide information to about 3,000 clients per week, with 25 per cent of them living outside the Lower Mainland. The service was a joint initiative between Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture.

14 YEARS AGO (2008):The District of 100 Mile hired Nigel Hemingway, a land-use consultant, to do a study on the existing trail system and where trails should be planned in the future. He was also looking into where sidewalks in town needed to be upgraded. He said he’d like to see a trail system around the municipality, perhaps lined with old photographs. Land developers would benefit from the plan when considering future developments and residents would have a safe trail for walking into town.

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