From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

A look back at the past of 100 Mile House

35 YEARS AGO (1985): For the third year running, the 100 Mile Hosers took top honours during Evolution Day activities in competition against area fire departments. The contests included make and break, hose lay and water target, broken hose, bucket brigade, tug of war and a mystery event: changing a length of hose while blindfolded. In the women’s mystery event, doing a hose change under pressure, the 108 contingent took top honours. Local fire chief Bob Patterson didn’t have any clearcut answers to 100 Mile’s out-front performance.

25 YEARS AGO (1995): Incorporated 100 Mile House was turning 30 years old, but its three mayors saw it as not getting older but getting better. Mayor Ray Carlson was buoyed by the fast-growing municipality he saw where people were interested in investing, based on calls he regularly received. “People want to come here and start a business,” Carlson said. The outlook wasn’t always so bright. Ross Marks was the mayor when 100 Mile was incorporated. Prior to that, he said uncertainty surrounding the future of the lumber industry had area thinkers question the viability of incorporation.

18 YEARS AGO (2002): Construction of the South Cariboo Rec Centre was scheduled to begin. The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) awarded the nearly $3.9 million contract to Mierau Contractors Ltd. The CRD also intended to ask the District of 100 Mile House to waive the building permit fee for the arena, a move which it was estimated would save $20,000. “When we built our last major recreation project in the North Cariboo, the City graciously waived their building permit fees for the construction,” said CRD chair Greg Sehn.

10 YEARS AGO (2010): A young boy was riding his bicycle on the road near Forest Grove, where the youth said he was approached by an unknown male who demanded his bike. The male produced a length of pipe from under his sweatshirt, struck the boy, and took the bicycle. The suspect then headed east on Canim Hendrix Road. The youth was not injured from being struck. 100 Mile RCMP were looking for a male described as being of darker complexion, clean-shaven, medium build, approximately 5’8” tall, wearing a plain black hooded sweatshirt.

7 YEARS AGO (2013): Some folks who helped create the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan (CCLUP) back in the 1980s and ’90s were expressing profound dismay at the move to open it for logging in sensitive areas. “The science hasn’t changed or become obsolete, but the timber supply has shrunk and this is an unwarranted attack on other values to undermine and remove protections placed, by agreement, in the CCLUP,” said Dave Neads, who had worked on land-use planning issues in the region for 25 years.

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