First responders enhance their skills

Canim lake news

First Responders Shannon Wagner

First Responders Shannon Wagner

Dear Canimites,

Ah, summer! Beautiful bright, blue summer! The lake is alive with swimmers, fishers, and boaters of all stripes, reveling in the clear refreshing waters. Clear cool nights have been great for sleeping, and the bright stars overhead give wonder to all who pause to look.

First Responders Ready

First Responders of Forest Grove VFD Hall #2 Canim Lake, have been beavering away this summer, upgrading their medical response skills. Six Canim Lakers joined four of their fellow members from Hall #1 to hone their CPR and AED skills, and to practice spinal stabilization skills. The latter are a critical element of first response in the case of motor vehicle incidents, similar to the ones seen in our area in the last couple of years. Much to the horror of the men folk, the training included emergency childbirth delivery. Thanks to Margo Wagner who achieved the certification necessary to plan and lead this training.

CRD Election

Art Dumaresq has confirmed that his hat will not be in the ring for the November 19 CRD election. Art says that he has enjoyed the past 12 years as Area H Director, but as his and Judy’s business has grown, it is time to pass the gavel to new hands. He’s also looking forward to more ‘family time’. Judy also spoke of that, the words ‘cooking’ and ‘housework’ slipping from her lips. Thanks to both of you for the personal sacrifices made on our behalf.

Community Club News

Sept. 20 and 21, a Tuesday and Wednesday, have been set aside for the roofing and general ‘sprucing up’ of Margo’s Cabin – Canimites and Hawkins Lakers favourite place to play cards and have community gatherings. A cadre of happy workers willing to devour the promised gourmet lunches is needed. Jobs are available for people of all skill levels. Call Margo at 250-397-0016 to volunteer and reserve your place in the chow line.

Road Dangers

A recent motor vehicle incident on the South Canim Road underscored the dangers on parts of that route. An elderly gent driving west with his pickup, the lake on his right, was forced to the very edge of the road on a corner by an oncoming pickup pulling an RV trailer. He slid completely off the road, his truck fetching up against brush before it rolled the full distance down the steep embankment. Passersby freed the man who was unable to get out of the truck by himself. Thankfully he was uninjured, though severely shaken.

This incident is a warning of what can happen on that road. In the newly paved stretch between km 81-07 and 81-09 there are places in which the lake-side shoulder has disappeared and the pavement has slumped toward the lake, reducing the width of the road. If you meet one of the currently operating logging trucks or an unwary RV driver at one of these points, you are in danger.

Word has it that the logging trucks are being extremely cautious, but do drive with extreme care through this area, please.

Bits and Bites

The shipment of baby clothes and supplies sent for the newborns in KwaZulu Natal, Africa, was received in good order.

Firefighters erected a radio antenna at the FGVFD Hall #2 last week. This has improved the strength of the communication signal between the two halls and between Hall #2 and personnel who have responded to an emergency. The new tower overcomes the VHF propagation difficulties inherent in our hilly terrain.


The Community Dinner will be on Saturday, Aug. 20, 6 p.m. at the Blue Sky. Contact Jean Reynolds for more information at 250-397-2773.

Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.