Dry hydrants installed at 83 Mile

The hydrants will provide a fast and accessible water source to fight fires

The Watch Lake-North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department has been aiding BC Wildfire on the Flat Lake fire. (WLNGL photo -submitted).

The Watch Lake-Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department is installing more dry hydrants near 83 Mile to enhance fire protection for the area.

Dry hydrants consist of pipes with one end in the water source and the other end extending to dry land available for connection to a pumper. There is no pressure in the hydrant, as it sucks the water out. This is the fourth in a set of dry hydrants for the area, which last year saw intense wildfire.

Tom Manion, president of the Watch Lake-Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department board, said approval for the project was given last year. The project means there are now hydrants all the way to the western end of North Green Lake. The latest one is being installed at the gravel pit at 83 Mile, and will draw from the groundwater.

As it is close to the highway, the hydrant will provide a fast and accessible water source to fight fires like the Flat Lake fire last summer. The second hydrant is 11 kilometres away, the third at Access Road 21 and the fourth at Access Road 14.

Manion said that the hydrants are “not providing a threat to the local ecology.”

Watch Lake-North Green Lake is an independent fire hall. This means it is not part of the Cariboo Regional District and is largely funded by dues paid by local property owners. Those who want fire protection by the department are charged a flat rate of $200 per household.

The WLNGL volunteer crew members, who are trained in fighting wildfires, have been offering support to the BC Wildfire Service personnel since the wildfire season started.

“For all that we hope there is never a fire.”

The department’s area begins on North Green Lake Road at the southwest end of Green Lake. To the west, it serves 83 Mile Road to the intersection with Highway 97. To the north, it extends to the cattle guard near the top of Box Hill on Watch Lake Road. To the east and southeast, coverage includes part of Little Green Lake Road and Kazoo Road.


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