Cold, windy weather at Cariboo Trails Field Trials at Huber’s Farm

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Laraine Shedden

Laraine Shedden

A hardy group of drivers showed up at Huber’s Farm at 70 Mile House for two days of cold, cloudy and windy weather for the Cariboo Trails Field Trials on Sept. 28-29.

Carriage-driving events have been going on for seven years and they happen in the spring, summer and fall. The timed courses included the Teddy Bears Picnic, Huber Town, Tree Stumps and the Giant Dice as well as weaving through The Cone Course Maze.

The nine carriage entrants consisted of one or two horse/pony teams, a miniature pony and a donkey. The drivers came from Green Lake, 108 Mile Ranch, Quesnel, Armstrong, Smithers, Telkwa, Endako and Vanderhoof.

Laraine Shedden and Brenda Soeder live on the 108 Mile Ranch and share a friendship and a love of animals, especially horses and donkeys. About five years ago, Laraine saw an ad in the 100 Mile House Free Press asking for volunteers for the Cariboo Trails Combined Driving Event in July at the Huber Farm.

She and Brenda volunteered for the weekend and spent their time out in the field, under the blazing sun, measuring the carriage wheel space between cones for the Cones Course. The following year they were given the job as timers/judge for the Dice Hazard. The more they saw of the event the more they wanted to participate.

Kathy Stanley and Karen Greenlees of Twin Acres Farm loaned Laraine and Brenda a Shetland pony, called Breezy, along with a cart and harness, and for two seasons, they competed in the events at 70 Mile. This past August, they attended the Candrive Camp in Invermere where they drove a very large Friesian horse, called Marcus, which belongs to Gerard Paagman of the House of the Friesians. They say Marcus taught them a lot and helped them with their confidence in driving.

Laraine has a standard donkey, called Abraham, he is nine years old. A few years ago she started training him, and this year, she and Brenda found a cart that looked suitable for a donkey to pull.

Laraine decided to take Abraham to the Field Trials at Huber Farm. On the first day, Abraham won a third-place ribbon and on the second day he placed fifth.

Considering it was his first time in a competition and he was competing against horses and ponies, Laraine says she could not have been more pleased.

All those watching Abraham seemed to enjoy how eager he was to keep up with the other equines and he seemed to have quite a fan club, as you could hear the viewers and fellow competitors yelling, “Go Abraham.”


Club news

The Green Lake Snowmobile Club had its first directors and club meeting last week recently.

They discussed the 83 Mile Crossing, membership updates that showed a definite increase in pre-paid members and interest and trail maintenance. Volunteers are needed, and if you can help, call Art Groves at 250-456-2112.

They also mentioned the trail groomers need some repairs, as do various items in and around the clubhouse.

The next scheduled events are: The Snowflake Dinner/Dance on Nov. 23; Santa Claus Parade in 100 Mile House on Nov. 29; Christmas Dinner/Dance on Dec. 14, Winterfest/Poker Ride on Feb. 9, 2014 and the Memorial Ride, Pig Roast and Wind-up Dinner to be scheduled.

Mark these dates on your calendar and they hope to see everyone turn out again to have a great time!



* South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department practises are on Oct. 26, Nov. 9 and 23, and on Dec. 7 and 21.

* Green Lake Snowmobile Club meeting are: directors meetings, Oct. 30 and Dec. 2; and club meetings, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.