Change is coming soon

Community news happening around the Lone Butte area of the South Cariboo

Leigh Laursen

Leigh Laursen

A good crowd came out to the recent meeting that was held by the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) to give their feedback and voice their concerns over the changes that are happening at the Lone Butte transfer station and the Watch Lake landfill site.

Local residents should have now received their mirror tags that will identify them to the attendants.

Without them, you will not be able to access the Watch Lake landfill site, which also brings up concerns to where people who are turned away will deposit their refuse, hopefully not somewhere in our pristine countryside.

Attendants are now in place at the sites and new hours of operation will be coming into affect on Aug. 15.

There was feedback on the restricted hours of operation that will definitely leave some growing pains with local residents who have been used to dropping off their garbage at anytime of the day.

These changes are leaving some residents with frustration, while others are more understanding on why these changes have to be made.

Unfortunately, we have all seen this day coming for quite some time, however life is full of change and we must adjust to them sometimes.

Yard sale success

The newly formed Lone Butte Fire Department Auxiliary had a successful yard sale last weekend with many items being moved out of the parking lot and into homes.

With everything there being sold by donation, they were able to raise a substantial amount of cash that will go directly to the department to purchase outdated equipment and allow them to broaden their abilities in an emergency.

If the proper equipment is not up to date and safe, then the department volunteers are limited in what duties they are able to perform in the event of an emergency, and that emergency could be you or your loved one. Funds are low and equipment is expensive. As an example, one set of turnout equipment for a firefighter costs approximately $3,500.

Let’s not forget that the fire department members do much more than just fight fires. About 90 per cent of their calls are to be first responders to accidents on the road, or mishaps that happen in everyday life to people like you and me.

Presently they have 26 active members on the fire department roster but there is still room for a few more. The training alone is well worth the once weekly Thursday night practices. With leadership skills, first responder training, first aid, fire training, auto extract and other courses available to volunteers, this makes a great resume whether you are considering a full time career in fire fighting or not. If you are a willing and able bodies member of the community, you might want to consider checking out becoming a member of our volunteer fire department.

With Chris Schmidt at the helm of the Lone Butte fire department auxiliary, they presently have only a small handful of committed helpers. They are doing everything possible to raise much needed money including bake sales, yard sales, silent auctions and asking for private donations.

As in all organizations, more hands make the work load a easier, you have more ideas and have way more fun doing it.

If you can spare any time at all to lend a helping hand to this much needed service, contact Chris Schmidt at 250-395-2006. If you would like to make a cash donation, contact her also as it would be greatly appreciated.

Pot luck lunch

The Lone Butte Other Unusual Talents group (O.U.T.) is still getting together through the summer on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, and on Aug. 6, they will be having a pot luck lunch at the community hall. Whether you have attended before or not, please feel welcome to drop by and meet this great group of ladies.

They come together and share their craft ideas, or work together on projects throughout the year and just enjoy each others company. For more information call Pat McKay at 250-395-2114.

Flea market

With the busy summer months happening for everyone, it was decided that there will be no flea market or craft sale in August, however the next one is set to go on Sept. 28. If you are interested in selling your wares, give Pat McKay a call to book your space.