Canim Lake Band residents and students attend HIV/AIDS Walk

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Alexis Archie

Alexis Archie

Oct. 18 was a perfect fall day for the HIV/AIDS walk, which started at the Eliza Archie Memorial School at noon.

The students were called from their classes and were given instructions for the walk and then each student was given chalk and encouraged to draw pictures of hope and love on the road in front of the school.

Before the walk started a drumming ceremony was held, then balloons were handed out and messages were taped to them, and as folks walked along, they could release their balloon or tie it on a tree along the way.

The 20-minute walk from the school wound in a loop through the neighbourhood and then back to the school. As the walk progressed, residents came out of their homes to take photos of everyone as they passed by.

Some groups of participants carried photos of their loved ones lost to this devastating disease. Fire chief Greg Archie walked with his four-year-old daughter who dutifully carried the photo of her uncle.

When the group got back to the school lunch was ready for everyone.


Craft sale

The Forest Grove Legion will be hosting a Christmas Craft Sale on Dec. 6, which will run from 3 to 10 p.m.

Table rentals will be $10 each and all types of vendors are invited.

In the past, there has been jewelry, baking, knitting, Avon, Tupperware and re-gifted items – you name it, it was there.

Delicious snacks will be offered throughout the evening.

Friday night is an unusual time for a craft sale, but it was thought that folks could drop in on their way home from work and get some Christmas shopping done. It would also be handy for the men in the community to get their Christmas shopping done when the shops come to them.

If you are interested in renting a table, call Darlene Tindale at 250-397-0019.


Hurry hard

All the Forest Grove curlers are chomping at the bit to get back to curling.

Five long years have passed since the ice plant at the Forest Grove curling rink broke down leaving some 36 curlers to go to other areas to curl.

In the spring of 2012, the Forest Grove ’94 Lions took on the challenge of getting the rink up and running again and the quote for a new ice plant was $120,000, which a prohibitive amount for a small community.

From the summer of 2012 to the spring of 2013, a number of grants were applied for and the funds were successfully raised. The search was on for someone to do the repairs and a contract was finally awarded to Fraser Valley Refrigeration.

With a promised delivery date on Nov. 8, it’s hoped Forest Grove residents will be back on the ice by Nov. 15. Through the remainder of this year there will be open houses, try-out nights and other open activities in an effort to get the word out that curling is back in the Grove and bring folks back into the rink.

If you’ve always wanted to give curling a try, here’s your chance. Once teams are formed you will be able to come in for practice or play on a drop-in basis.

League play will begin in the new year for a half season and there will be men’s teams, ladies teams and mixed teams.

Forest Grove ’94 Lions president Chris Cummings says they are hoping to form a junior curling league in order to get the local students involved.

With winter fast approaching it will be nice to have another winter activity to look forward to. Support from the community is needed so make sure you come out and give curling a try.