Budding scientists show their stuff

Local students come home winners Regional District Science Fair

Twenty-two students from the 100 Mile area, with a total of 17 projects, entered the Regional District Science Fair held at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops recently.

Eighteen students from 100 Mile House Elementary School brought home awards:

Gold: Emma Donnelly and Desirae Thorsteinson, Physical Science, novice, Cool Mints!

Silver: Darlyssa Chretien, Life Science, junior, Is that Really You?

Silver: Savannah Bell, Life Science, junior, Is it All in Your Head?

Silver: Lucas Barton and Ryan Chamberlain, Physical Science, junior, “Like a Bullet” (Also won: Michael Crookes Physics Award).

Silver: Ty Butler, Environmental Science, novice, Microbe Power.

Bronze: Israel McLelland, Engineering, junior, Why is a Propeller Twisted?

Bronze: Solomon Jensen, Engineering, junior, Pop Can Solar Heater.

Bronze: Liandro Lang, Robert Waldner and Colton Sanford, Engineering, junior, Rocket Expedition.

Bronze: Sarah Robinson, Environmental Science, junior, The Force of Nature.

Bronze: Vanessa Shearer, Health Science, novice, Are We Compatible?

Bronze: Sienna Lamarche, Life Science, novice, Chill.

Bronze: Ashton Chretien and Ethan Mori, Physical Science, novice, Think Fast.

Merit: Megan Holyk, Environmental Science, novice, Working Worms.

Forest Grove

Forest Grove Elementary School student, Maria Wetzig won the “Agriculture in the Classroom” trophy.

Horse Lake

Horse Lake Elementary School student, Kyle Wallace won the “BC Nature Award” trophy.




It was the largest Fair in several years, says 100 Mile House teacher Jim Price, adding that 225 students participated.