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Bridge Lake Elementary School students busy in November

Bridge Lake Elementary teacher assistant Colleen Law

Bridge Lake Elementary teacher assistant Colleen Law

By Hannah Valihora

The snow has covered Bridge Lake with a delicate blanket; it continues to fall throughout the month of November.

Lots of the kids enjoy this winter weather.

The intermediate students (grades 5, 6 and 7s) at Bridge Lake Elementary School have kept busy this month and some of their activities include: training for the Volleyball Jamboree in Forest Grove; Buddy Reading with the primary students (kindergarten to Grade 4) to help them improve; studying Greek Myths, such as Phaethon, Arachne, Perseus, and The Trojan Horse; and a Remembrance Day assembly.

Fall break lasted from Nov. 11 to 19.

The primary class has kept busy this November. They have been doing such things as: reading The Secret World of Og by Pierre Burton. They learned about Diwali, which is the Hindu celebration of light, and the three kindergarten students have learned the letters of the alphabet – S, F, M, L, R, B, T and C.

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) puts on the annual action. A big thanks to all the small businesses, community and parents that contribute to this event, as the proceeds go towards the education of the students.

Some of the things that the school did with the money in the previous year were: Missoula Theatre (a theatre group that helped the kids put on a play), laptops for the kids to do research from the classroom conveniently, playground equipment, and a Smart Board for the primary class.

A special thanks to the Lions Club for donating pumpkins and pumpkin seeds to the school for the kids to decorate on Halloween, we appreciated it greatly.

Here’s hoping that everyone has an excellent week from all of us at Bridge Lake Elementary School.

Hannah Valihora is a Grade 7 student.