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ARCHIVES: Sani-dump inherits three pieces of history in 2001

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10 YEARS AGO (2012): The Softball Jamboree took place at Lac La Hache elementary school. Sixty-five students from Bridge Lake, Buffalo Creek, and Forest Grove elementary schools showed up, which worked perfectly for six teams from the four different schools. Lac La Hache Elementary School principal Steve Carpenter said the weather co-operated, the students and adults had fun, and the school’s Parents Advisory Council put on a great concession with hamburgers and hot dogs.

21 YEARS AGO (2001): The sani-dump at the corner of Birch Avenue and Aspen Street inherited three pieces of history. Noranda Mines donated three mining cars to 100 Mile House from Hendrix Lake Mine. One car, called the Hudson, was used to carry three tons of molybdenum ore, used to harden steel. The second was a flat-bed car that carried blasting supplies, while the third would have been filled with diesel fuel to power rubber-tired ‘Scoop Trams’. Hendrix Lake Mine closed in 1983, and the land was bought by a developer who began to build a neighbourhood.

32 YEARS AGO (1990): Exeter station was a busy stop on the BC Rail line during the summer. Passenger service was up 40 per cent during the winter months, and that number was expected to increase. Paul Perkins, manager of the passenger service for BC Rail, said numerous tour groups would stop there. “We have a contract with a large tour company in the U.S. with whom we haven’t done any business before,” Perkins said. He anticipated between 2,000 and 3,000 additional people would be stopping at Exeter station, allowing for new equipment purchases to be made in July.

40 YEARS AGO (1982): The Boss Mountain Mine Rescue Team were scheduled to take part in the regional competition held in Nanaimo on Saturday, June 5. The team had won the district trophy for the past six years and were expected to be put through a Bench Test to determine their knowledge of rescue apparatus, equipment, and procedure. On the following day, they would enter a mock mine and use mine rescue procedure to solve problems such as fire, gases, and other inquiries.

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