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ARCHIVES: In 1995 100 Minor hockey girl players protested their exclusion

From the Free Press Archives
In 1995, members of the newly formed 100 Mile Minor Hockey Girls Team protested their exclusion from a novice tournament in 100 Mile House. They included (from left, back) Dominique Adams, Emily Wickenstad, Katrina Harry, Jonquil Crosby, Nicole Warman and Jeannie Munro (front from left), Natasha Harry and Alexandria Crosby. (100 Mile Free Press historical photo)

28 YEARS AGO (1995): Members of 100 Mile Minor Hockey’s girl team protested their exclusion from a novice tournament. Several players gathered outside Stan Halcro Arena with signs reading ‘Banned for Being Girls’ and ‘100 Mile Hockey Is Unfair to Girls.’ Minor hockey president Ray Kreuger said he felt the issue had been “blown way out of proportion.” Kreuger questioned where the girls fit in and who they would play against. Player Katrina Harry said “we have just as much right to play with the boys. We’re just as good, just as competitive.”

21 YEARS AGO (2002): The 2002 A&W Cariboo Snowboard Championship attracted 34 competitors hungry for air time. The championship was hosted at the 108 Hills Health and Guest Ranch Snowpark. Snowpark manager and judge Mark Robinson said he started the competition to give local youth a place to showcase their skills. He judged them on their approach, motion, location and the quality of their landings. Around 150 spectators attended to watch.

14YEARS AGO (2009): The Carnival Knights music group planned to honour Jim West with a day-long music festival in 100 Mile House. The Knights had written a song about the Green Lake man’s encounter with a bear in 2008, in which he killed it with a club. West endorsed the indie music festival at the District of 100 Mile House council meeting. West said they planned to set aside 50 per cent of the proceeds to buy a new bus for the District of 100 Mile District General Hospital.

7 YEARS AGO (2016): The Interior Health Authority determined the 100 Mile District General Hospital would be allowed to keep its in-house laundry services. IHA had considered privatizing the service in 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Golden, Ashcroft, Princeton and Lillooet. Opposition to the move grew, with 13,000 citizens signing a petition to save their neighbours’ jobs. Hospital Employees Union local chair Barb Matfin said at least four people would have lost their jobs in 100 Mile House.

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