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20 YEARS AGO: Birch Avenue businesses host racing pigeon

From the Archives of the Free Press

40 YEARS AGO (1981): Only two of 12 employees were still working at B.C. Rail’s Exeter Station as a result of the labour dispute ongoing in the forestry sector. With none of the mills in 100 Mile House open, daily freight trains had no need to stop at the station except to occasionally unload empty cars onto the storage track. Manager Bill Lukoni said this meant two of the office staff, the four-person switch crew and the four-person yard crew were all laid off for the foreseeable future.

30 YEARS AGO (1991): Socred Premier Rita Johnston was hour-and-a-half late in a visit to 100 Mile House, arriving at Exeter Station to be greeted by 85 people, a mix of hardcore Socred supporters and protestors decrying her electioneering at taxpayer’s expense. After lunch at the Red Coach Inn, Johnston left by car for Williams Lake. Mayor Ray Carlson, who was meant to meet with Johnston on the train ride to Williams Lake, said it was disappointing but understandable he didn’t get to meet her.

20 YEARS AGO (2001): A pair of Birch Avenue businesses were the unexpected hosts of a racing pigeon for a few days. The female bird showed up on July 10 at R&R Second Hand and Tracy’s Consignment and flew through the open door, Owners Rhonda Casorso and Tracy Dufrense initially chased the bird out of the store before realizing she was domesticated and allowed her back in for safety. The pair determined she had likely been a participant in a race between Prince George and Vancouver and looked after her until a race representative came by to collect her.

10 YEARS AGO (2011): Neither a change of venue nor a torrential downpour put a damper on the Hot July Nights Car and Bike Show. The move to Centennial Park was a welcome change of pace, according to organizers Dave Mingo and Chuck Douglas. Mingo and Douglas said those showing their vehicles enjoyed the space the park provided as well as getting to stand on grass rather than pavement. A performance by Chrome Reverse was ended early, however, when torrential rain and lightning necessitated clearing the park.

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