Brantley Walsh takes advantage of the snow. (Submitted photo - Lac La Hache Elementary)

Brantley Walsh takes advantage of the snow. (Submitted photo - Lac La Hache Elementary)

Barbara Hansen: Break-ins, vandals in Lac La Hache

News from Lac La Hache

It seems like this last month has just flown by even though most of my time was spent enjoying my hobbies. Has everyone else been keeping busy too?

I have heard that the culprits in our community have been busy creating havoc. The Share Shed seems to be the first on the hitlist now that it has reopened – I really don’t understand how much enjoyment they can get out of wrecking or destroying items other than making nuisances of themselves. Nothing is really safe as even the rural post office boxes have been broken into around the Kokanee Bay area.

It also appears there have been many break-ins at the summer cabins around the Rail Lake area and as far away as the Two Mile Lake area. Unreal – desperate actions by desperate people, seems like.

Lest we forget

There were no Remembrance Day events scheduled this year but thumbs up to the Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department for organizing a Remembrance Day Salute in the downtown area. The Volunteer Fire Department, big rigs and about 25 people lined the highway from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

Christmas campaign

The Lac La Hache Christmas Hamper campaign has been in full swing since the middle of November. There are no boxes set out in the community for food donations this year but other arrangements for donations and name recommendations can be made by calling 250-396-4112 until Dec 3.

School news

The weather plays a big factor in the daily planning of activities for Lac la Hache Elementary students.

While the weather remains good, many outdoor learning experiences are a top priority. The visit from the HCTC education went well and the children spent most of the day outside learning about the trees around the schoolyard and playing. It is important that all students have warm winter gear including toques and gloves for outdoor play, outdoor learning days, and for the walk to the arena for the skating sessions.

There are always a lot of exciting things going on at the school – the K-Grade 3 class received their first letter from a school in Port Alberni in the alphabet exchange. One of the things I found most interesting was a little bulletin board of poppies being held in the students’ hands. Each of the photos appeared to have wonderful little sayings under the hands – this was a very special idea for Remembrance Day!

I am just as excited as the students to see the arrival of the Chinook salmon eggs and to learn about the right conditions for them to grow. This is a project the children will monitor and learn about for the rest of the year and I look forward to hearing about their findings!

The elementary school has also started a safe arrival program – checking on all absent students. A parent can help by notifying the school if the child will be late or if the child is sick and the nature of the illness.

On another note

Many thanks to Blake Liddle for keeping the community informed of John’s progress in his recovery at Kamloops hospital. (John was the cyclist who was injured in an accident earlier this month).

I will not be writing again in December so I will take this opportunity to extend my holiday greetings to all. Stay safe everyone and see you next year!