Blake Lambe catches a puck and wins a hero for life

Justin Bond helps young player from his home town become Wranglers Seventh Man

Williams Lake youngster

Blake Lambe and his dad, Wade, were at the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League championship game when the 100 Mile House Wranglers beat the Kimberley Dynamiters 2-1 in front of their home-town fans to capture KIJHL league championship.

During that game, Blake – an eight-year-old hockey play from Williams Lake – caught a puck.

When he went home, Blake was so excited about the game and the puck he had caught and he had to show it to his mom, Christina.

His mom told Blake she could get the puck signed for him.

“I know one of the Wrangler’s (Justin Bond) mom!”

Blake was pretty excited, but had to wait for a while because the Wranglers were on road – first winning the Cyclone Cup (provincial Junior B championship) and winning the Keystone Cup, which is the Western Canada championships.

However, Justin was working a lot right after the season ended and time moved on – slowly for Blake. During this time, however, the puck wasn’t allowed to be moved off the kitchen island.

Blake and his family finally got a chance to meet up with Justin and took him for breakfast.

Blake came with some questions for Justin, as well as his puck to get signed. Justin brought Blake some pictures he’d signed and also gave youngster his Wranglers toque.

During the summer, Justin came up with the idea of having Blake come down to 100 Mile House to be the Seventh Wrangler this season, and was able to set that up with the team management.

Blake’s parents let Justin surprise him with the news, and he went to Blake’s hockey practice at Total Ice Training Centre to ask him if he’d like to come down and be the Seventh Wrangler.

Of course, Blake said “Yes!”

Blake donned his Wranglers Seventh Man jersey and stood next to his hero during the opening ceremonies at the Oct. 21 home.

It’s a pretty good bet that Justin Bond has a fan for life!