Violin performance

From 100 Mile House to India

Jack Glatzer’s violin performance drew about 20 people on April 16.

“He’s played just about everywhere in the world. There’s no other player that I know that’s like him. He’s a phenomenal player on the solo violin and has been in movies, he’s played in concert halls,” says Dennis Tupman who organized the performance. “He’s just an amazing guy and I said why don’t you come and play for a few of us”

Glatzer was off to Bella Coola next.

“He’s one of the few players who can play the solo repertoire for the violin. Paganini was the big archetype but he plays all of the stuff [including] Bach solo pieces.”

According to Tupman, he’s played in London (England), Berlin, Russia, North Africa, for the Mujahideen in northern Pakistan and all over India.

“He’s just an amazing guy and a totally photographic memory. He remembers all the people and we’ve just been friends all the time,” says Tupman who’s been friends with him for 45 years and even went to visit Glazter at his residence in Portugal once.

“He’s winding down his career now, but he still practices six hours a day.”

This was really just a small group, says Tupman.

Entry was by donation, with half the collection going to Loaves and F.

“He always wants to leave something behind that way.”

It’s just a small amount, but it’s for the spirit of it, says Tupman.