Winning by beating addiction

Anthony Schroeder wins this year's prestigious Starfish Award

Anthony Schroeder

By Lawrence Loiseau

Anthony Schroeder was 2016’s Courageous Starfish winner with the Psalm 23 Transition Society on Nov. 5.

Since completing the program, Schroeder has been sober for five years. He’s working again – he is a carpenter by trade – and is now reunited with his family.

Schroeder and his girlfriend live in Abbotsford and have recently bought a house together in Langley.

Schroeder attended the transition house at 59 Mile from August 2012 to February 2013.

Marvin helped me change my life” Schroeder says of Marvin Declare who is the founder and executive director of Psalm 23.

He helped me deal with everything. Before I was emotionally closed off. I pushed everyone way.”

The Psalm 23 program helped him deal with issues in the past too, he says. His drinking had become so bad that he had even become estranged from his girlfriend of 10 years.

His work suffered at the time. His boss told him he couldn’t count on Schroeder to be there anymore and the award winner says he lived on the streets in downtown Vancouver for six months.

Now that his life is back on track, Schroeder returns to 100 Mile House every year to help other men. He has developed a fondness for the region.

I have never forgotten my roots. It’s great to repay what you got from others.”

The program offers one-on-one counselling, work therapy and volunteering to help give back to the community.

To contact the Psalm 23 Transition Society, phone 250-459-2220 or e-mail