Sylvia Griffith happy to volunteer in Forest Grove

Keeping the books for volunteer-run organizations is still integral to make everything else happens


Peter Mayr is never alone in the Cariboo

‘I like it here it’s quiet and not too many people’


Community events in small towns happen thanks to volunteer spirit

‘We both had the sense there was magic here and I still think so’


Robert Babcock has been volunteering for the historical society for over a decade

‘My father had been right from the get-go so I kind of followed his footprints’

Renata Cargnelutti has been volunteering for the Creekside Seniors Activity Centre for over a decade

‘It’s something I enjoy but like I said… I don’t do everything’

Service clubs feel the impact of COVID-19

‘We are unable to do any fundraisers so it will definitely put a crimp in any community help’

Forest Grove auxiliary offers to do groceries

‘I’m really proud of the Forest Grove VFD auxiliary’

A love for people keeps Judy Boehm volunteering

‘I’ve always been the type of person that needs to do something’