Timing it right for Cariboo Marathon

Cariboo Marathon organizers holding a timing clinic for those who want officiate at cross-country skiing events

Timekeepers and computer recorders are key members of any group putting on race events, such as the Cariboo Gold Rush Marathon.

While the Cariboo Marathon organizers have an adequate number of these important people to fill the roles on race day, Feb. 4, they are looking to the future.

On Jan. 29, they will be training new volunteers during a practice session for Marathon timekeepers and race officials at the 99 Mile Ski Trails. These are skills that may be used to volunteer at larger events, such as the BC Cup and BC Winter Games.

The training session takes place during the Skill Development ski program lesson during which special fun races will be held to facilitate timekeeper training and give officials an opportunity to identify any glitches in the system prior to the Marathon.

Anyone who is interested in learning a new skill can contact Linda Peterson by e-mail at linpet@shaw.ca.