Teens compete in Judo Nationals

First time national competitors look forward to more training

Adam Sullivan

Adam Sullivan

100 Mile Kokoro Judo blue belts Wylon Hall and Adam Sullivan are looking forward to their next level of training after competing in the Canadian Judo Nationals in Calgary, Alberta on May 12-16.

This was the first time the boys had competed at this level, which had been a long time coming after all the years of training they had completed.

Hall began judo in 2010 at age 11 after watching his sister, Paige, compete.

“I had never thought of doing it until I saw her in a couple of tournaments. After that, I really wanted to give it a go.”

Hall was quick to jump into his first competition as he took first place in his age and weight class in a Prince George judo tournament a year later.

Sullivan had a more spontaneous introduction to the sport when he was nine years old and his friends took him out to watch a class.

“I like judo because I get to show my strengths and my skills and what I am able to do with them.”

Sullivan competed in his first tournament in 2009 and won one of his three fights.

Both judokas agreed the Nationals was a big new step in their judo careers.

“I was definitely excited but I was also a bit nervous because of the size of the tournament,” says Hall.

He competed in U16 60 kg category, while Sullivan competed in the U16 73 kg category.

Hall’s first opponent was Justin Lemire from Quebec, while Sullivan’s bout was against Joseph Drake from Alberta.

Hall lost because his points were waved off due to a technical foul.

Sullivan scored a wazari (one half point) but his opponent scored an ippon (one full point) which ended the match.

Both took the losses in stride and went into their second matches with renewed eagerness. It was something Hall says he may have had too much of it when he took on Dylan Sheppard from Prince Edward Island.

“I was winning for nearly the entire match, but I didn’t know it at the time.”

“In the last 30 seconds, I took a few risks to get the points I already had and then I got thrown. It was at that point, I saw the scoreboard and what had been my lead.”

Sullivan went up against Danil Mamiashev from Alberta, who was a left handed opponent, which Sullivan says he was unfamiliar with.

“It was much different from what I was used to and it cost me.”

While both lost their second matches, the boys still had a great time.

“I was a little bummed out, but it was still a great tournament and I learned a lot,” says Sullivan. “I hope to make it to the BC Winter games and, hopefully, the Nationals again.”

Hall says he is looking forward to going to the Vernon training camp in the fall.

“For my future in judo, I want to keep trying as hard as I can and work as hard as I can all the time.”