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Wild & Woolly a great start to season at Outriders Arena in 100 Mile House

Mackenzie Ross and her horse

Mackenzie Ross and her horse

The 100 Mile & District Outriders Club opened its horse show season with the Wild & Woolly Spring Schooling Show on Mother’s Day (May 12).

The day-long event was held at the Outriders Arena, with 36 entries, including a few from Quesnel, Barriere and Kamloops.

“That was a good number,” club director Nicolle Dupont says, adding entry fees were lowered for junior riders in order to attract more of them.

“It seemed to work. We got quite a few juniors.”

She says all classes had a “healthy” number of entries, including several newcomers in the youth divisions. The show was a qualifier for BC Heritage Finals 2013, which take place in Kamloops this year, and Dupont notes this likely helped in attracting entries from that region.

Noting it was a spring show, Dupont says some of the horses still looked a little shaggy, but they were well groomed and well behaved.

She adds judge Jill Malanka from Logan Lake provided riders with good feedback on their performances.

The next club schooling show is Fun & Frolic, which takes place June 15-16 at the Outriders Arena.

Top 3 in each event were:


English classes


Novice/junior: Nicolle Dupont; Mackenzie Ross; and Alexis McDermid.

Intermediate: Emma Pfleiderer; Shaye Turcote; and Hailey Blattler

Senior: Cassie Boltz; Beverly Kniffen; and Dawnna Robertson.

Hunt seat equitation

Novice/junior: Jordyn Karl; Ross; and Lee McLean.

Intermediate: Blattler; Jenny Jim; and Taylor Rainey.

Senior: Tammy Bittner; Sylvia Karl; and Robertson.

English Pleasure

Junior horse – 5 years and under: Michal Albrecht; and S. Karl.

Walk/trot: Taisa Cole; Kennedy Nelson; and McLean.

Novice: Cole; Nelson; and Lee.

Junior: J. Karl; and Ross.

Intermediate: Blattler; Turcote; and Pfleiderer.

Senior: Bittner; Boltz; and Karen Wares.

Hunter under saddle

Novice/junior: Nelson; Cole; and McLean.

Intermediate: Blattler; Turcote; and Jim.

Senior: Wares; Dani Noble; and Bittner.

Open hunter hack: Bittner; Jim; and Boltz.

Open road hack: Turcote; Wares; and S. Karl.

Open show hack: Wares; Rainey; and Bittner.

Lead line: Hunter Atkinson.



Western classes


Novice/junior: Courtney Best; Ross; and Nicolle Dupont.

Intermediate: Blattler; and Turcote.

Senior: Robertson; Noble; and Tricia Mohnke.

Open command class: Mohnke; Noble; and Boltz.

Western pleasure

Junior horse: Boltz; McLean; and Ted Shultz.

Walk/trot: Schultz; and Dawn Spencer.

Novice/junior: Ross; Best; and Dupont.

Intermediate: Blattler; Carolyn Cook; and Jim.

Senior: Noble; Angela Norbury; and Boltz.

Western equitation

Walk/trot: Zoe Daigle; and Spencer.

Novice/junior: McLean; Barry Davies; and Best.

Intermediate: Blattler; Jim; and Chelsey Fischer.

Senior: Boltz; Noble; and Robertson.


Novice: Davies; and Best.

18 years & under: Cook.

Senior: Norbury; Isabella MacQuarrie; and Boltz.

Trail/handy horse

Novice/junior: Dupont; Davies; and Ross.

Intermediate: Blattler; and Pfleiderer.

Senior: Mohnke; Robertson; and Norbury.

Show overall high point winner in the novice division was McLean, and Dupont was the reserve champion.

Junior high point winner was Ross, with J. Karl taking the reserve.

Intermediate high point winner was Blattler, and Turcote won reserve.

Noble was the senior high point champ and Wares was the reserve.