Nothing wild about weekend horse show

Mackenzie Nelson tried to regain control of her horse in the Show hack event of the Wild and Wooly horse show on Sunday in 100 Mile House.

Mackenzie Nelson tried to regain control of her horse in the Show hack event of the Wild and Wooly horse show on Sunday in 100 Mile House.

The name of the show was Wild and Wooly, but horses and riders who participated in the 100 Mile and District Outriders’ first horse show of the season May 8 were well kept.

The one-day event, held on Mothers’ Day, drew 34 competitors, including riders from Williams Lake, Barrier and Chase.

Ken Huber from 70 Mile House judged the event, which included English classes in the morning and western classes in the afternoon. It was held in the Outriders Grounds in 100 Mile House, located behind the South Cariboo Rec. Centre.

Outriders president Michael Kidston says the club is looking forward to hosting a busy season of events, which includes a jumping clinic May 14 with Catherine Armitage of Langley, followed by the Little Britches Rodeo on May 21, a western riding clinic with Jay O’Jay on May 28-29, and the Fun and Frolic horse show on June 4-5.

Last weekend’s winners at Wild and Wooly, with the top 3 in each event were:


Junior: Hailey Blattler; Brei Andrews.

Intermediate: Zaria Hayes.

Senior: Dawnna Monks and Stephanie Daoust tied for first; Theresa Tremeer; Kelsey Hayes.

Hunt seat equitation

Beginner rider – (walk/trot): Kennedy Nelson; Katie Lansdall.

Novice: Nelson; Abby Brawn; Jordyn Karl.

Peewee & junior: Blattler; Teagan Payne; Karl.

Intermediate: Nelson; Z. Hayes; Andrea Dobbs.

Senior: Darcey Woods; Tammy Schuurmans; K. Hayes.

English Pleasure

Junior horse – five years and under: Carolyn Dobbs; Payne; Jessie McMillan.

Request green horse – first year horse: Ingrid Atkinson; McMillan; Lansdall.

Beginner rider English pleasure (walk/trot): Brawn; Lansdall; Nelson.

Peewee & junior: Blattler; Payne; Karl.

Intermediate: Z. Hayes; A. Dobbs; Jessica Soppit.

Senior: Woods; McMillan; Daoust.

Open hunter under saddle: Blattler; Schuurmans; McMillan.

Road Hack

Ponies  under 14.2 hh: Z. Hayes; A. Dobbs;  Andrews.

Horses 14.2  up to & including 15.3: Woods; McMillan; Blattler.

Horses over 15.3: C. Dobbs; Atkinson; Karen Wares.

Show Hack

Ponies under 14.2:  A. Dobbs; Andrews.

Horses 14.2 up to & including 15.3: Daoust; McMillan; Schuurmans.

Horses over 15.3: C. Dobbs; Wares.

Hunter Hack

Peewee, junior, intermediate (2ft – 2’3″): Soppit; A. Dobbs.

Senior (2’3″ – 2’6″): Juilanne Trelenberg; Schuurmans; McMillan.

Leadline: Hunter Atkinson and Jessabella Atkinson-Trelenberg tied for first.


Beginner (walk/trot): Lansdall; Nelson.

Novice: Nicolle Dupont; Brawn; Lansdall.

Peewee, junior, intermediate: Z. Hayes; Blattler; Brawn.

Senior: Daoust; K. Hayes; McMillan.

Western pleasure

Junior horse: I. Atkinson; McMillan.

Senior horse: Woods; Monks; K. Hayes.

Request green horse (walk/trot): I. Atkinson; Laura Sperling; McMillan.

Beginner (walk/trot): Nelson; Lansdall.

Peewee, junior, intermediate: Blattler; Z. Hayes; Brawn.

Senior: Daoust; Woods; Dupont.

Command Class

Open: Monks; Z. Hayes; Woods.


First year horse or rider – modified pattern: Dupont.

Senior rider: Monks; Woods; Loni Koch.