Men’s Club draws big number

Golfers aim for long putts, big drives at weekly round

The 108 Men’s Club saw 59 golfers going for long putts and long drives, while recording the best scores, on Sept. 17.

Shane Wilkie, Marty McClusky, John Tomlinson and Reg Haggard cranked the biggest drives of the round.

Jeff Kendy, Eric Ohlund and Bill Stokes canned the longest putts.

In the first flight, Wilkie (34) fired low gross, while Jim Laird (37) was second. Bill Baerg (33) and Kendy (35) shot lowest net.

Tomlinson (37) and Dennis Thompson (40) scored lowest gross in the second flight. Greg Aiken (32) and Merle Ross (33) scored low net.

Steve Brown (42) and Dan Hadden (43) were the lowest gross golfers in the third flight, while Tom Lund (35) and Laurie Miclash (36) were lowest net.

Doug Johnston (43) and Al Smeds (46) scored low gross in the fourth flight. John Mix (32) and Peter Messner (34) recorded lowest net.