Local skiers train for World Masters Championships

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson

For the first time ever, the Masters World Cup of cross-country skiing will come to British Columbia on March 3-11.

It’s being hosted by the Sovereign Lake Nordics Club of Vernon, and as exciting as that is, two South Cariboo skiers will be among the 1,100 participants.

Tracy Moore of 108 Mile and Jim Peterson of Horse Lake are both members of the 100 Mile Nordics Club, and for Peterson, 63, this will be his second crack at the masters. He competed in 1995 in Canmore, Alta. and says it was a lot of fun.

He will be tackling the 30-kilometre classic and expects there to be up to 50 people from all around the world in his group.

The hilly 99 Mile trails where he trains are similar to ones he’ll be facing in Vernon, so he thinks he’ll be prepared, even though he is not what he considers a dedicated racer.

“I’m really just a recreational skier who takes it seriously now and again. I ski and go to the gym and take a spin class twice a week.

“I don’t really have a training schedule. I just want to go down and have a good time.”

Peterson’s wife, Judy, will also be attending the races as a volunteer.