Local huntress going to Texas competition

Candace Knudsen makes it to the final 6 in Extreme Huntress

100 Mile House resident Candace Knudsen has made it into the final 6 for the Extreme Huntress competition.

She came in fifth place with 1,301 votes.

Now, the wait begins before Knudsen and her fellow hunters fly out to the 777 Ranch in San Antonio, Texas to compete in several hunting and survival-skill challenges. Knudsen has already begun training.

I’ve been going on jogs with my hunting pack full and doing a lot of target practice. I’ve also been researching the 777 Ranch and the wildlife and terrain they have to offer there.”

Of the final six competitors, four of them are from British Columbia with the number 1 spot going to Chantelle Bartsch of Campbell River who received 1,643 votes. Other B.C. girls include Cassandra Oosterhof of Chilliwack and Allison Gagne from East Kootenay.

Having these B.C. girls as competition interests Knudsen considering the nature of the competition.

It’s pretty great that there are four of us B.C. girls in the final 6. Especially since hunting is so popular in the United States and B.C. is known as one of the most anti-hunting places in North America.”

This has, in fact, led to Knudsen receiving several negative comments, and even death threats, from the public.

These kind of people are simply uneducated about what I actually do as a hunter, which is provide for my family and support conservation. If people want to ask questions, I’m totally open to that, but their negativity isn’t going to stop me living my life the way I choose to.”

While Knudsen and her fellow hunters compete in Texas, they will be filmed by television crews with episodes to air each week on www.getzone.com. Being filmed is something that has Knudsen definitely intrigued.

I’m excited and nervous about being on a reality show. Either way it will be a great learning experience.”

Despite all the potential media attention, Knudsen says she just wants to make sure she has fun.

I’m hoping to not let my nerves get the better of me down there. I hope to go there, have fun and soak up as much of the experience as I can. I’m excited to see what further opportunities may come from the competition.”

Episodes of Extreme Huntress will begin airing online in July with a new episode posted each week until December.