Horse show adds variety to Fall Fair

competition was strong at the 100 Mile & District Outriders’ 21st Annual Fall Fair Horse Show

Karen Wares

Karen Wares

Participation was down in numbers, but the competition was still strong at the 100 Mile & District Outriders’ 21st Annual Fall Fair Horse Show.

The horse show took place in the Outriders grounds, adjacent to the South Cariboo Rec. Centre, where the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair was held.

Club entry secretary Wendy Brown counted 26 individual riders in the two-day event, which included both western and English riding disciplines.

“Our numbers were low, but it seems there’s been a reduction in shows all over B.C. this year and lots of shows have been cancelled.”

Brown pointed out that it wasn’t bad for volunteers, as low registration allowed for a later start time of 9 a.m. and an earlier wrap-up of about 4 p.m., where normally, the show ends near dark.

“We’re hoping that things pick up again next year.”

Brown says the viewing stands saw a steady turnover of spectators all weekend.

“We had quite a few people come over from the fair. It was good to see because it makes the riders feel appreciated.”

This was a BC Heritage Circuit qualifying show for the 2012 season and show judges were Ken Huber and Jill Malanka.

Results were as follows:



Quarter horse: champion, Elli Meinert with Einsteins Cielo; reserve champion, Sue Bassett with Lolita Tivio.

Paint: champion, Jessie McMillan with Rocky.

Sport Horse in Hand: champion, Andrea Dobbs with Presario; reserve champion, Carolyn Dobbs with Kat.

All other breeds: champion, C. Dobbs with Kat; reserve champion, Andrea Dobbs with Presario.

Grade: McMillan with Santana.

Supreme champion: Meinert with Einsteins Cielo.


Junior (Jr.): Kennedy Nelson.

Senior (Sr.): Bassett; Meinert; McMillan.

Novice (Nov.): Nicolle Dupont; Mackenzie Nelson.

Junior/Intermediate (Jr./Int.): Veronica Blattler; Hailey Blattler.

Senior (Sr.): Stephanie Daoust; Bassett; Karen Wares.

Western Pleasure

Walk/trot – adult rider: McMillan; C. Dobbs.

Green as grass – walk/trot horse: McMillan; Mary-Lou Barker; C. Dobbs.

Jr. horse: Barker; Meinert.

Jr./Int.: H. Blattler; V. Blattler; K. Nelson.

Sr.: Daoust; Bassett; Wares.

Stakes, $100 Added: McMillan; Wares; Daoust.

Jack Benny (J.B.): Wares; Dupont.


Int.: V. Blattler.

Sr.: Daoust; McMillan; Barker.

Stakes, $100 added: V. Blattler; Daoust; McMillan.


Jr./Int.: V. Blattler; H. Blattler.

Sr.: Bassett; Daoust; McMillan.

Stakes, $100 added: Bassett; Daoust; V. Blattler.

Gambler’s choice: Daoust; Bassett.


Cross poles A: Mackenzie Nelson.

Cross poles B: M. Nelson; Andrea Dobbs.

Warm-up hunter: M. Nelson; A. Dobbs.

Pony hunter: M. Nelson; A. Dobbs.

Green hunter: M. Nelson; Jamie Kidston.

Open hunter: M. Nelson; A. Dobbs; Kidston.

Open working hunter: Kidston; A. Dobbs.

Open low jumper: A. Dobbs.

Youth jumper: Kidston; A. Dobbs.

Costume class

Most formal: M. Nelson.

Most informal: A. Dobbs.

Walk/trot English equitation

Adult: McMillan; Sylvia Karl.

Huntseat equitation

Nov.: Karl.

Jr./Int.: H. Blattler; Karl; A. Dobbs.

Sr.: McMillan; Daoust; Wares.

English pleasure

Jr. horse: C. Dobbs; A. Dobbs; Karl.

Green as grass – walk/trot horse: Karl; McMillan.

Pony: M. Nelson; A. Dobbs.

Jr./Int.: H. Blattler; Karl; A. Dobbs.

Sr.: Daoust; McMillan; Wares.

Stake class – $100 added sponsored by Foothills Boarding: H. Blattler; McMillan; Daoust.

Road Hack

Pony: M. Nelson; A. Dobbs.

14’2″ to 15’2″: McMillan; H. Blattler; Karl.

15’3 & over: Daoust; Wares; C. Dobbs.

Stake class – $100 added sponsored by 100 Mile Feed & Ranch Supply: H. Blattler; McMillan; Wares.

Show Hack

14’3 to 15’2: McMillan; H. Blattler.

15’3 & over: C. Dobbs; Wares; Daoust.


Stake class $100 added sponsored by LTC Transport Company Ltd.: McMillan; H. Blattler; Wares.