Hole-in-one achieved

David Oshanek aces par 3 150-yard eighth hole at Marmot Ridge

100 Mile House resident David Oshanek

100 Mile House resident David Oshanek

Some golfers play for years and never get a hole-in-one, and others are frustrated from coming within inches of the cup.

Some golfers play the game and wait for more than seven decades until they fly a ball off the tee and into the hole in one shot.

That was the case for longtime 100 Mile House resident David Oshanek, 85, who accomplished the feat on July 29 on the par 3 eighth hole at the Marmot Ridge Golf Course.

Using his seven iron, Oshanek lined it up perfectly and made a perfect swing and contacted his ball well on the 150-yard hole.

“I knew I hit it right at the flag, but I thought I hit it over the green.”

When he walked up and saw that his ball wasn’t on the green, he started to look in the tall grass behind the green.

“I couldn’t see it and then it dawned on me that it must be in the hole. I walked over the hole and there it was.”

Fortunately, Oshanek was playing with his son, Barry, and his girlfriend and her son, Jesse, who were able to witness the authentic hole-in-one.

Oshanek says he has been golfing off-and-on since he was 10, but this is the first time he even came close to acing a hole.

He didn’t think it was such a big deal and that’s why we didn’t hear about it until a friend told the Free Press.

Now, Oshanek is excited about skating in the Old Timers hockey league again this season.