Great skill at Horse Lake track-and-field

Several multiple winners at school athletic competition

Trace Kure took third place in 13-year-old boys high jump at the Horse Lake Elementary School track meet on June 2. Kure was in a heated race with Jordan Conway taking second place and Xander Sarver taking first place.

Several students swept the awards at the Horse Lake Elementary School (HLES) track-and-field day on June 2.

Students from Bridge Lake Elementary came out to join in the competition. The competition in some of the events was fierce, including the 13-year-old high jump as Xander Sarver, Cole Allan and Tyson Ford fought for the highest jump for more than five final jumps before Sarver took the win.

Other pillars of skill included Vanessa Betschart who swept the 11-year-old girls and Kyson Hopson who came first in nearly every event.

While the level of skill was a constant feature, the teachers running each event were quick to offer advice and pointers on how the students could improve.

Retired HLES teacher Karam Parsad at the high jump station was always offering ways of conquering the leap.

Most of this is a mental game. If they start off thinking they can’t do it, it will never happen. They need to believe they can to accomplish it.”

HLES principal Maria Telford says she was proud of the students commitment and sportsmanship

Winners are noted from first to third.

Nine-year-old girls

100 metre: Myra Hindmarsh, Brooke Pfannmueller, and Anna Alexis.

200 metre: M. Hindmarsh, Alexis, and Jenilee Schroevers.

800 metre: M. Hindmarsh, J. Schroevers, and Choe Shewchuk.

Standing broad jump: M. Hindmarsh, Sadie Rempel, and Pfannmueller.

Long jump: M. Hindmarsh, Schroevers, and Alexis.

Ball throw: Pfannmueller, Alexis, and Rempel.

Nine-year-old boys

100 metre: Lochlan Grieve, Oland Vickers, and Leighton Grieve.

200 metre: Lochlan Grieve, Vickers, 3/4 split, Leighton Grieve, and Joshua Garner (Bridge Lake).

800 metre: Lochlan Grieve, Harrison Findlay, and Leighton Grieve.

Standing broad jump: Lochlan Grieve, Vickers, and Luke Simpson.

Long jump: Lochlan Grieve, Vickers, and Leighton Grieve.

Ball throw: Braeden Havas, Harry Findlay, and Leighton Grieve.

10-year-old girls

100 metre: Emilee-Grace Stuckel, Zoe Ryhal, and Floria Meili.

200 metre: Stuckel, Ryhal, and F. Meili.

800 metre: F. Meili, Kathleen Schroevers, and Ciera Hannesschlager.

High jump: Stuckel, F. Meili, 3/4, Delaney Best, and Shelby Scott.

Standing broad jump: F. Meili, Stuckel, and Ryhal.

Long jump: S. Scott, Montana Pereman, and F. Meili.

Ball throw: Best, F. Meili, and S. Scott.

10-year-old boys

100 metre: Logan Richards, Felix Pavlik, and Keenan Arnott.

200 metre: Richards, Pavlik, and K. Arnott.

800 metre: Pavlik, Richards, and K. Arnott.

High jump: Ryder Arnott, 2/3, Zephyr James (BL), and Pavlik, and Richards.

Standing broad jump: Richards, Cain Kerbs, 3/4, James (BL), and Pavlik.

Long jump: Richards, Pavlik, and Brandon Kostiuk.

Ball throw: Richards, Pavlik, and Kostiuk.

11-year-old girls

100 metre: Vanessa Betschart, Michelle Lang, 3/4, Emily Tinney, and Teagan Ohrling.

200 metre: Betschart, Lang, and Tinney.

800 metre: Betschart, Lang, and T. Ohrling.

High jump: Betschart, T. Ohrling, and Lang.

Long jump: Betschart, Kayla Gilbert, and Tinney.

Shot put: Betschart, T. Ohrling, and Ashton Ohrling.

11-year-old boys

100 metre: Cameron Scott, Leon Meili, and Carson Huryn.

200 metre: L. Meili, C. Scott, and E. Hindmarsh.

800 metre: L. Meili, E. Hindmarsh, and C. Scott.

High jump: L. Meili, C. Scott, and Elias Moore.

Triple jump: L. Meili, C. Scott, and E. Hindmarsh.

Long jump: C. Scott, C. Huryn, and L. Meili.

Spot put: E. Moore, C. Scott, and C. Huryn.

12-year-old girls

100 metre: Grace Martindale, Samantha Pelechaty, and Emma Law.

200 metre: Amber Conway, Julie Wiebe, and Mikayla Hannesschlager.

800 metre: Law, Pelechaty, and Wiebe.

High jump: Hailey Arnott, Pelechaty, and Brooklynn McMichael.

Triple jump: Law, H. Arnott, and A. Scott.

Long jump: Law, H. Arnott, and Pelechaty.

Shot put: A. Scott, McMichael, and Hannah Meier.

12-year-old boys

100 metre: Kyson Hopson, Jackson Sanders, and Jackson Hooper.

200 metre: Hopson, Sanders, and Ryan Vincenz.

800 metre: Hopson, Vincenz, and Sanders.

High jump: Hopson, Hooper, and Sanders.

Triple jump: Hopson, Brady Huryn, and Vincenz.

Long jump: Hopson, Vincenz, and B. Huryn.

Shot put: Aidan Moore, B. Huryn, and Hooper.

13-year-old girls:

100 metre: Camryn Ray, Kylie Hannesschlager, and Lyda Crossen.

200 metre: Ray, K. Hannesschlager, and Crossen.

800 metre: Ray, Crossen, and K. Hannesschlager.

High jump: Crossen, Ray, 3/4, Asia Hindmarsh, and Tru Herperger.

Triple jump: Ray, Crossen, and Danielle Brassington.

Long jump: Ray, Crossen, and K. Hannesschlager.

Shot put: D. Brassington, 2/3, Allyce Sutherland (BL), and Crossen.

13-year-old boys

100 metre: Xander Sarver, Cole Allan, and Tyson Ford.

200 metre: Allan, Sarver, and Jordan Conway.

800 metre: Allan, Sarver, and Virgil Kennedy.

High jump: Sarver, J. Conway, and Trace Kure.

Triple jump: Allan, J. Conway, and Jake Morton.

Long jump: Sarver, Allan, and J. Conway.

Shot put: Kennedy, Allan, and Morton.


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