Good turnout for men’s golf

Golfers sink long putts, hit long drives, shoot closest to the pin

Fifty-six golfers hit the links at the 108 Golf Resort on July 30.

The weekly 108 Men’s Club round saw longest putts and longest drives recorded and closest-to-the-pin (KP) shooters.

Jim Laird sank the longest put on the No. 11 green, while James Seeley did it on No. 5, Greg Aiken on No. 17 and Doug Johnston on No. 18.

Jay Scott cranked the longest drive from the tee box on No. 16, while Marty McClusky hit farthest on No. 3; Aiken on No. 3; and Dean McNabb on No. 7.

KP shooters were Eric Ohlund on No. 5; Bill Graham on No. 14; and Allan Kregosky on No. 13.

Seeley, Rob Douglas, Theo Wiering and Ken Waite won deuces.

Low-gross scorers in the first flight were Shane Wilkie (72), Scott (76), Bill Harris (77) and Tony Morete (78).

Low-net scores in the first flight belonged to Bill Baerg (67), Eric Ohlund (68), Terry Palasty (69) and Lee Hansen (72).

In the second flight, Bob Wieduwilt (83) shot low gross, followed by Seeley (84), Ervin Hannah (86) and Bill Graham (90). Lowest net in the second flight was McClusky (70), followed by Larry Molnar (71), John Coulter (75) and John Tomlinson (76).

Wiering (86) shot low gross in the third flight. Rob Douglas (89), Garry Grosso (92) and Laurie Miclash rounded out the top 4.

Low net in the third flight was Dan Hadden (68), with Dan McCafferty (72), Keith Pearson (77) and Aiken (78) scoring low also.

The fourth and final flight saw Kregosky (87), Ken Brennan (94), Tony Lidstone (96) and Ron Kelly (98) record lowest gross.

Ron Thurston (69), Larry Watrick (71), Carson Walker (73) and Dave Wolczuk (74) shot low net in the fourth flight.