Golfers play with great camaraderie

108 Ladies Club team up for game of 'Crystal Ball' at 108 Golf Resort

Warm sunshine blessed the 108 Golf Resort when over two dozen 108 Ladies Club members played 18 holes for the Dorothy Olive Franklin Memorial and also the back nine for regular competition of low gross, low net, closest to the pin and long drives on June 23.

Carol Ohlund, Annie McKave, Judy Scarrow and Cathy Waite made birdies.

Sue Pinkerton shot closest to the pin in the third flight.

The longest drives on No. 17 were hit by Shelley Larson in the first flight, Shannon Knapp in the second and Angela Batalha in the third flight.

Annie McKave shot lowest gross in the first flight, followed Deb Case and Shelley Larson. Lowest net was Ohlund, followed by Waite and Char Wahnschaff.

The second flight saw Joanne Garrow fire lowest, with Maureen Menzies in second and Ann Pinkney third. Batalha scored lowest net in the second flight, followed by Lavern Martin and Leslie Bell.

In the third flight, Pinkerton shot low gross, with Sharon Thompson second and Gloria Corno third. Pauline Weigelt shot lowest net in the third flight, followed by Debbie Garrow and Del Gunn.

A special twist was added to the 108 Ladies Club round on June 16.

Thirty-three golfers took part in a game of “Crystal Ball”, a fun game that creates great team camaraderie, at the 108 Golf Resort.

Played in teams of four or five players, the game sees each player take a turn playing with the special crystal ball on different holes on the front nine, and calculate their net score for that hole. The best net score of the other three or four players is counted. Should the player hitting the crystal ball lose the ball at any time, the team is disqualified.

The first place team won by a single stroke with a total score of 65. The team included Weigelt, Waite, Corno and Gunn.

The second place team (66) had Scarrow, Garrow, Batalha, Lorraine Scott and Lorraine McCaffrey.

The third place team (69) included Lori Henderson, Garrow, Case and Vicki Sanford.

In fourth place (70) was Heather Matsuda, Janet Roux, Ohlund and Corinne French.

Ohlund dropped a birdie on No. 3.

Closest to the pin shooters in their respective flights were McKave, Menzies and Corno.

The longest drives in their respective flights went to Scarrow, Menzies and Scott.

The 108 Ladies Club saw 35 members hit the links on June 9.

Ohlund, Case, Darlene DeAngelis, Clara Koehn and Waite all made birdies.

In the first flight, Waite recorded the lowest gross score, followed by Case, McKave and Scarrow.

Ohlund shot lowest net in the first flight, followed by McCaffrey, Shelley Larson and Janet Roux.

The second flight saw Menzies fire lowest gross, with Knapp, second, Lori Henderson, third, and Shirley Boyson, fourth.

Weigelt scored lowest net in the second flight, trailed by A. Pinkney, Bell and Corno.

Garrow shot lowest gross in the third flight, followed by Lynn Smeds, Corinne French and Eileen King.

Angie Wahnschaff shot low net in the fourth flight, with Wendy Foster in second, Sharon Thompson, third, and Millie Halcro, fourth.

Case, Knapp and Garrow hit the longest drives on No. 16, while Ohlund, Boyson and Batalha shot closest to the pin on No. 12.

“We are having a great season so far thanks to our captain, Sharon Thompson, who is doing a great job, setting a welcoming and respectful tone,” says 108 Ladies Club member Carol Lidstone. “Also the course is in great condition, the staff at the pro shop are fantastic, and the food and staff at the Hanger Restaurant is great. We are very fortunate to have such a great facility and Ladies’ group.”