Bull riding finals coming to 100 Mile House

White-knuckle action will entertain during the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair

The South Cariboo Rodeo Club (SCRC) is bringing in an event to enhance the excitement of the annual South Cariboo Community Fall Fair on Sept. 6-8.

SCRC president Randy Brodoway says the club is bringing the BC Professional Bullriders Association (BCPBA) Finals to 100 Mile House.

“We’re trying to help the community by bringing more events in to draw people into the area.”

He says the BCPBA competitors ride for points at various venues throughout the province.

They also ride at the British Columbia Rodeo Association events during which they also gain points for berths in the BCPBA finals.

Brodoway says the finals will see the top 20 riders trying to dominate the best bucking bulls from Diamond D Rodeo Bulls and C+ Rodeos.

He notes there will be four go-arounds on Sept. 7-8 at the Outriders Arena behind the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Airport Road.

The bull riders will each get two rides a day.

Brodoway says 100 Mile House spectators will see the best bull riders in the province.

“You’re going to see the boys who go to the Professional Bull Riders Association events and some of the boys who go to Edmonton to Canadian Professional Rodeo Association finals. We’re talking about some quality riders.”

He adds there will be nothing but great bull riding and a halftime show that “has not been seen in 100 Mile House.”

Brodoway says they will be bringing in teams of three youth, ranging in age from eight to 14 years and they will be competing in a wild pony race, which is a timed event.

Noting there will only be one team in the arena at a time, he adds one wild pony will be let out into the arena.

First, the team has to anchor the pony (hold on to it so it doesn’t run away), mug it, which is holding on to the pony’s head, so someone can get on it and ride six or so strides in a forward motion.

“They will be riding bareback. They are untamed ponies and they are wild and rank.”

Brodoway says the events will start around 1 p.m. and it will take about four hours to complete.

He notes the local stock contractors approached him about the idea because they wanted to try something different here instead of travelling somewhere else.

“We sat down and discussed it and put it together. Then I applied for it.

“We’re trying to support our community as much as we can. We’ve got calls from up north, Alberta and all over because people heard we were putting this on. They’re already booking rooms.”

Tickets will be $15 for adults; $10 for seniors and youth; and children under six years will be free.

“We’re trying to treat everybody right with the show and the prices.”