Big turnout for 10th annual carriage driving event

Change of course made for some challenging and exciting fun

Frank Huber

Frank Huber

The prevailing weather forced a change of course at the 10th Annual Cariboo Trails CDE and Driving Clinic at the Huber Farm in 70 Mile House on July 16-17.

However, this didn’t affect the numbers as the event had 27 competitors, which was up from last year’s event that had 21.

Everyone had a good time in spite of the weather,” says event organizer Ken Huber.

The event drew several drivers from around British Columbia as well some from as far as Vimy, Alberta.

Competitors had to navigate through a variety of different style courses, including dressage, cones and the marathon event.

There were three heats during which the drivers had to navigate through the marathon event at different speeds.

The first was at any pace, the second was at a mandatory walk, and the third was at a strong trot. Each heat had to be completed in a certain time frame.

Unlike most races where speed is the key, these races rely heavily on correctly manoeuvring through obstacles and maintaining the required pace.

In the preliminary level, every second a driver is at an obstacle there is a penalty point.

This was a constant challenge at the lollypop obstacle which was moved from flat ground to a bumpy hill. Drivers had to be extra cautious at this obstacle and some even got held up and were penalized.

Drivers carefully raced their horses, or donkey in the case of Laraine Shedden from 108 Mile House with Abraham, through the courses to determine the most skilled carriage driver.

Huber says he is grateful to all the volunteers for their hard work during the two-day event.

We had some fantastic volunteers, both new ones and old ones. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

The final event of the season will be the Cariboo Trails Field Driving Trails and Heritage Pleasure Driving classes on Oc. 1-2.

Results are listed from first to third:

Training Level Horse: Joan Bourke, Quesnel; and Brown, Vimy, Alberta.

Training Pony: Shedden, 108 Mile; Leslie Flint, Telkwa; and Roseanne Jacobse, Mission.

Training Level Very Small Engine: Dave Franklin, Aldergrove; Holly Smith, Ladysmith; and Erica Harris, Smithers.

Preliminary Horse: Elisa Marocchi, 100 Mile House; Hillary McNolty, Vanderhoof; and Ellen Hockley, Pritchard.

Preliminary Pony: Marion Roman, Langley; Maurine Pearse Nanaimo; and Jennifer Stringer, Fort Fraser.

Preliminary Very Small Equine: Shirley Bradbury, Langley.