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Big Horn Archery hosting annual Traditional Shoot at 99 Mile

Big Horn Archery Club will be holding its annual Traditional 3D Shoot later this month

Big Horn Archery is preparing to hold its annual Traditional 3D Shoot on June 22 and 23.

The shoot consists of a three-kilometre route archers will walk where they'll shoot 20 targets set up in unique and challenging ways, according to Kelly Sinoski, the president of Big Horn Archery. The shoot is set to take place at the 99 Mile Snowmobile Club just off Ainsworth Road to the south of 100 Mile House. 

The shoot promises on-site breakfast and lunch concessions, as well as prizes from community donors. Sinoski said that archers across British Columbia attend the shoot.

"So we're going to have people come in from across the province to come and shoot at targets," Sinoski said. "It's actually really great, we want to get a lot of people out here."  

The club, which has been around since 1979, is an "ever-evolving group of archers who love the sport and fellowship of archery", according to its website. Allen Pickering, the club's past president, said that over the years the club has had periods of growth and decline. For example, a few years ago the Hunger Games franchise fuelled interest in the club.

"We had a great influx of high school-aged ladies come out and join the club because it was all hype from the movie," noted Pickering. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic was a detriment to the club, leading to the members having to quit shooting. Since then, the club has been rebuilding.

"So right now we're in that building process again, as we get members coming back, some of the more senior members like myself, didn't start up again shooting and now we are looking for younger members," stated Pickering.

One of the new members is local youth Aiden Zonruiter, who has been with the club for the last three years. 

"It is a fun sport that anybody can do," said Zonruiter when asked as to why he joined. Zonruiter has participated in shoots hosted by other clubs, however, he prefers the shoots by Big Horn Archery.

"I don't like tracking a bush - well, there could be rattlesnakes - and I don't like being hot when we have to walk through like, eight kilometres every day," Zonruiter said, referring to shoots hosted by other clubs.  

However, Zonruiter goes to shoots regardless, because he likes archery, and he would do it, "rain or snow."  He encourages people to come to the 3D shoot this month. 

"It's something fun that the whole family could do." 

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