Ryan Vincenz and Lynden Walker of the Peter Skene Ogden Eagles. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Ryan Vincenz and Lynden Walker of the Peter Skene Ogden Eagles. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Athlete in Focus: Lynden Walker

Most people tend to gravitate to activities their family participates in. It was no different for Lynden Walker, a Grade 11 student at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School on the soccer team.

“I was open to it because all my family members were doing it, so my mom signed me up. Same with hockey. My brother played hockey and my sister played hockey, so why not make me play it as well and I love sports because I’m super athletic and all my family is athletic.”

The Grade 11 student started playing soccer when he was seven. He’s been playing for the PSO Eagles for three years now, featuring as a striker, just like his brother Patrick.

“He used to play here two years ago. He was a really big idol of mine because he was super good at every sport he played and I wanted to be like that because he was scoring all the goals for our team and he was passing really, really well and assisting. He’s just a good player in my eyes.”

The younger Walker said he favoured playing as a striker because he likes to run up there, getting shots off and crossing the ball in. He said he’s scored a few goals for the team.

He mentioned the Pemberton Tournament earlier this year as one of his favourite memories while being with the PSO Eagles.

The team managed a third-place finish, which included a 4-2 comeback win against D.P. Todd of Prince George on Oct. 27.

Along with his brother, Walker also said coach Sean Glanville has helped with his development as a soccer player.

His favourite player is Christiano Ronaldo of Juventus. Walker called the Portuguese forward, who came to prominence with Manchester United and Real Madrid, the best player in the world. Walker raved about Ronaldo’s talents and his ‘amazing’ free kicks, penalty shots and corner kicks.

Walker will be back on PSO’s team next year, and hopes to channel some of Ronaldo’s talents as he works to improve on his passing, vision of play and going harder on the ball.

As far as his plans after school, Walker plans to join the Canadian Armed Forces.

“My great grandfather was in it and my dad said it would be a very good experience for me getting that experience you learn and discipline. People need the discipline to learn things, right.”

He does hope to continue playing soccer in the military and compete in the Military World Games, which is an international multi-sport tournament for military athletes around the world.


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