108 Ladies awarded

Game of 'Tombstone' as golf season comes to close

The 2013 golf season has come to an end for the 108 Ladies Golf Club, and the members played a final round at the 108 Golf Resort on Oct. 1.

As well as counting longest putts and closest-to-the-pin (KP) shots, the 32 golfers played a symbolic game of Tombstone to celebrate the end of the season. The game saw golfers plant markers, or “tombstones,” at the last stroke of their handicap.

Most ladies buried their tombstone in the first nine holes, but two went on to the back nine and buried their tombstones on the 10th hole.

Rene Zelt won the Tombstone event. Second place through 10th place were Shelley Larson, Ann Pinkney, Patsy Wilkinson, Clara Koehn, Shirley Boyson, Corrine French, Shannon Knapp, Lorraine McCaffrey and Maureen Menzies.

The first flight’s Char Wahnschaff, second flight’s Sharon Claassen and third flight’s Lorraine Scott won KP prizes. Long putts were dropped by C. Wahnschaff, Leslie Bell and Angie Wahnschaff.

First place in the Dorothy Olive Franklin Memorial Tournament went to Gloria Corno. Second place was Wilkinson and third place was Janet Roux.

Match play winners were Angela Batalha in first and Zelt in second.

Heather Matsuda won most improved player.

Cathy Waite and Matsuda hit the most birdies throughout the season, followed by Bell and Shelley Declare. Most eagle pins went to Waite and Matsuda.

Golfers said the 108 Golf Resort was in great shape this season and many thanks go out to staff.