100 Mile House skater excel

Local figure skaters top off season with 'Gangnam Style'

Leiah L'Heureux

Leiah L'Heureux

A productive season for the 100 Mile House Figure Skating Club was highlighted with its Year End Competition & Exhibition on March 2.

The in-house competition was held just for club members at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre, with family and friends cheering them on from the stands.

Most of the club’s 42 skaters performed, and for a number of them, this was their first opportunity to perform a solo routine in front of an audience.

Tricia Gage, a key co-ordinator of the event, says the in-house format was a great way to ease the first-timers into competition.

“The nice thing is the kids are able to compete for their first time in a familiar place with their friends, and without the stress that goes along with a big competition.”

The event opened with individual exhibition solos by club coaches Nicole Pennock and Mandolyn Houriet. Gage says it was an exciting opportunity for the skaters to see how skilled their coaches really are.

There were skill-appropriate contests for all of the skaters and a team manoeuvres event, where members were split evenly into three teams – Angry Birds, Purple People Eaters and Kung Foo Pandas. Each team member performed a skill and was awarded points, which resulted in the Angry Birds as winners.

A relay race capped off the afternoon during which skaters had fun dressing their coaches in articles of clothing, and a group finale performance skated to the recent pop single “Gangnam Style.”

An on-ice award ceremony saw every member receive a ribbon and medal, and for some, there were trophies.

The top 3 winners of each event were, from first to third:

Interpretive – Brittany Boyd, Michaila Robinson and Courtney Dolinski.

Creative Group 1 – Leiah L’Heureux and Janaya Gage.

Creative Group 2 – Mikayla Julseth, Jordyn Karl and Tanisha Bali.

Creative Group 3 – Robinson, Boyd and Dolinski.

Soloists were given either a gold, silver or bronze ranking on their performance. Results

Group STAR

Silver – Mary Martin.

Bronze – Sarah Robinson, Julia Siclari, Keely Pacheco and Amber Conway.


Silver – Bali.

Bronze – L’Heureux and J. Gage.


Silver – Julseth.

Bronze – Karl.


Silver – Robinson and Dolinski.

Bronze – Kathrin Ricketts.



CanSkater of the Year – Emma Giroday.

Best Attitude – Wesley Mah.

Most Improved – Jaci Gilbert.

Most Motivated – Madison Lindberg.

Most Sportsmanlike – Kathleen Stainthorpe.


Most Motivated – Ricketts.

Most Improved – Bali.

Most Sportsmanlike – Dolinski.

STARSkater of the Year – Julseth.