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PODCAST: One-on-one with B.C. blues legend David Gogo

TODAY IN B.C.: Musician recalls travels of the ‘Blues Trail’, in southern U.S.
David Gogo brings a new single to the podcast entitled ‘You Used to Mean So Much To Me’. (File photo)

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Host Peter McCully chats with renowned B.C. blues guitarist David Gogo, who shared insights into his musical journey, personal inspirations and his 2022 album release, Silver Cup.

Gogo, from Nanaimo, has established himself as a prominent figure in the blues music scene, earning accolades such as guitarist of the year at the Junos and the Maple Blues Awards.

Growing up, Gogo’s love for music was fostered by his father’s eclectic record collection, which featured the likes of CCR, Hank Williams, and blues legends like BB King and Taj Mahal. The musical inclination seemed to run in the family, as Gogo talks about his cousins, Paul and John Gogo, who are also accomplished musicians.

Over the course of his career, Gogo has released 16 albums. His most recent release, Silver Cup, came to fruition during the pandemic. Gogo collaborated with his friend Steve Mariner, and together they recorded the acoustic album at his house. The inspiration for the album’s title came from an antique silver cup bequeathed to Gogo by his late grandmother, which held sentimental value and sparked an interest in family history.

McCully asked Gogo about his use of bottle slides. He explained the slide guitar technique originated in the Mississippi Delta and is an integral part of the blues genre. Gogo’s preference is using glass slides, and he even shared entertaining stories of playing slide guitar with unconventional objects.

“I think the weirdest one was, a guy walked up and he pulled out his glass eye,” said Gogo. “And I said, ‘wipe it off first’. So, he wiped it off. And I played slide guitar with his glass eye. I’ve done pool cues and eight balls and pool balls. But yeah, the glass eye slide, that was bizarre.’

Gogo brings a new single to the podcast entitled ‘You Used to Mean So Much To Me’.

In addition to his musical endeavours, Gogo also hosts a podcast called Soul Bender. The podcast serves as a platform for sharing stories and memories from his encounters with renowned musicians.

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