Potential closure for Bridge Lake Elementary School

School District # 27 trustees starting 90-day public consultation process

At their Jan. 26 school board meeting School District #27 school trustees decided to start a 90-day public consultation process for the closure of Bridge Lake Elementary school at the end of the current school year.

In considering the potential closure, the Board considered the following factors:

1. Enrolment

a. 2013-2014: 27 students

b. 2014-2015: 20 students

c. 2015-2016: 6 students

d. 2015-2016: There are 13 eligible students in the Bridge Lake School

catchment area.

2. Budget

Ministry grants for rural schools assist boards of education by providing extra financial support for lower enrolments.

Schools with an enrolment between 9–110 students receive $162,400. When enrolment declines to 8 or fewer the Ministry grant is reduced to $77,325 which is less than 50%.

3. Proximity to Another School

Bridge Lake Elementary is close in proximity to Horse Lake Elementary School,

with a distance of 38 km between the two schools.

The school board is inviting community and stakeholder input for the next 90 days by letter (School District No. 27; 350 North 2nd Avenue; Williams Lake, B.C.; V2G 1Z9) or by e-mail (feedback@sd27.bc.ca).

Folks can also attend a public forum at the school on March 2, starting at 6:30 p.m.

The final decision on the potential closure is expected to announced at the April 26 board meeting.