Candace Knudsen talks about her love of hunting

100 Mile resident chats about solo hunting and her inspirations

Candace Knudsen and her father

Candace Knudsen and her father

100 Mile House resident Candace Knudsen is in the running for 2017 Extreme Huntress.

As of last week, she made it into the final 20 bracket and is now hoping to make it to the final 6. Knudsen says she is very fortunate to have been picked amongst her fellow competitors. An independent hunter, she has hunted in Canada her whole life.

Having started hunting at the age of 12 in Hagensborg, Knudsen has hunted a variety of game, including deer, moose, goat and buffalo. She has even hunted bear with her bow.

Having frequently hunted by herself, she has had her fair share of adventures, including hiking back to a cell service area after her truck broke down in the dead of night and in the middle of bear country.

Knudsen notes that fellow British Columbia hunter Jim Shockey has been a big influence on her as she has followed his hunts for years.

Another influential person is her friend and 2016 Extreme Huntress winner Shannon Ellis who was one of the main reasons Knudsen applied.

There has been a lot of support from the community and friends so far, which I greatly appreciated.”

But when it comes down to it, Knudsen says she truly enjoys the core elements of hunting and putting meat on the table. While she does hunt solo often, she does enjoy hunting with her family, including her father, Jim Knudsen, as she enjoys the group experience.

It’s time like those that really make you appreciate and respect the animal, family and nature.

I will always starve for that life and go to the extremes to keep it that way.”

The voting for the final 6 runs until the end of May and the finalists will be announced in June. To find and vote for Knudsen, go to

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